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Developers want to break ground on massive mixed-use project by year’s end

copeland mixed use plan

Design Plan presented to Jasper Planning Commission

Piedmont Village must gain a Planned Unit Development zoning, and be approved for land disturbing and building permits before construction can begin.

 Jasper Planning Commission paved the way for a large, mixed-used community behind Piedmont Mountainside Hospital with a recommendation for rezoning for the parcel at their September 25th meeting.

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Pickens Resident
+8 #1 Pickens Resident 2018-10-05 13:14
I won't believe any development is going to happen to help any resident of Pickens county until I see it. Does anyone here remember the approved water park that never happened?
Euclid Pyle
+3 #2 Euclid Pyle 2018-10-05 13:40
only believe what you see is a good approach -- to everything. Though, I would remind you the water park was never approved. It never got that far. They did talk a lot, even held a big public Chamber meeting which I attended. But, they always said they needed more investment, which stopped project.
Similar projects have since been built in other places. Did we lose out or get lucky they passed us by? Hard to say.
Havard George
-4 #3 Havard George 2018-10-09 10:43
Bring it !!

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