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Pickens GOP to look at economy Sept. 10

Is the state of the U.S. economy operating at a new norm-if so, what is causing it?  

By Rich Andersen, VC for Programs, Pickens County Republican Party 

            This is the topic for the Pickens County Republican Party’s September 10, 2013 meeting to be held at the Appalachian Campus of Chattahoochee Technical College at 7 p.m.  The speaker is Dr. Don Sabbarese, Professor Emeritus of Economics at Kennesaw State University.

Considering the high unemployment rate and the anemic state of the U.S. economy, the possibility that this is a new norm is disturbing.  

Many external factors may be having a negative impact on the U.S. economy.  Many of the Eurozone economies are struggling to escape their continued economic malaise, and the emerging economies of China, Brazil, Indonesia, and India are experiencing slower growth rates

In the U.S., unemployment remains high at the same time some high-skilled jobs remain unfilled due to a lack of qualified candidates.   In addition the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is causing some employers to change some full-time jobs to part-time jobs.  Data show that an unusually disproportionate percentage of the new jobs created in recent years are part-time.  Some feel that governmental regulation may also be inhibiting job growth.  Real wages (adjusted for inflation) have fallen for several years.  These factors may be contributing to an already weak economic recovery

Are there ways to limit some of these economic headwinds and create more tailwinds for economic growth?  Dr. Sabbarese will discuss how, given the right political environment, there are economic solutions in the form of tax, entitlement, and regulatory reform.   

Dr. Donald Sabbarese specializes in the area of macroeconomics and financial institutions.  He is  Professor Emeritus of Economics and Director of the Kennesaw State University’s Econometric Center where he directs the Georgia Purchasing Managers Survey, Southeast Regional Purchasing Managers Survey, and the Georgia International Business Index. Other research includes studies of the local and regional economy, industry surveys, economic impact studies, tax revenue forecasting, and research on forecasting regional economic conditions. He serves as a member of the Board of Directors, ISM-Atlanta. He served as Director of the Graduate School of Banking for Community Bankers. His work at the Econometric Center has been reported by local, regional and national media. 

Everyone is invited to hear Dr. Sabbarese discuss this important topic that affects us all, and get an impression of what the future may hold.



pinto colvig
-1 #1 pinto colvig 2013-09-10 13:27
taxes are at their all-time lowest, and regulations have all but disappeared from American industry and banking. if anyone is responsible for this "new norm" it is the greedy private sector the GOP so adores, which is more concerned about putting every penny back in the bosses' pockets (so they can donate more to Republican election scams) than about giving employees and their kids a chance to have decent lives.
Eldrick Woods
0 #2 Eldrick Woods 2013-09-14 15:48
I've never heard of an employer preventing an employee from bettering himself from getting more education and making his or her self more valuable and worthy of higher pay. I always assumed business owners were in the business to make money for themselves not run a charity. The democrats are pushing for the socialization of America where everyone no matter how hard they work or if they sit on their butts gets the same pay. It's not my fault I chose to educate myself and strive for better pay but I shouldn't have to give it to you because you chose to not get an education and settle for what life has given you.
pinto colvig
0 #3 pinto colvig 2013-09-25 11:45
never heard, Eldrick? Turn up your hearing aide. The government gives employers incentives to screw their employees. These incentives come in the form of lower taxes, waived permit fees, corporate welfare, etc. All the employers have to do in return, in order to stay a part of this public/private partnership, is cut hours, cut wages, deny benefits, threaten termination for attempting to go to school while employed, tell stories to the unemployment board, etc. - oh and give lots and lots of money to the GOP and Democrats. do you honestly think lobbying is a more honest expense than rewarding an employee for a hard day's work?

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