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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: 

The Biggest Threat

If you have not noticed, there is a big Washington flap about Russia and its evil doings as reported by the Liberal National Press, that being the Post and the Times.  Everyday there is a headline of “Collusion” to rig the last election.  The US intelligence apparatus has opined that maybe , perhaps, in their  opinion, having reviewed the situation, that possibly the Russians tried to influence the last national election.  No hard evidence has been produced for that claim, but no matter.  

The intelligence services of the USA are not known for their accuracy. They totally missed 911, the collapse of the Soviet Empire, and even the attack on Pearl Harbor.  I would not bet my pay check on that bunch.

The USA has been working hard for decades with our efforts to influence the Russian political scene.  Now the Russians may have done the same here.   We are spying on every government in the world and we are involved somehow in every election around the globe.  So are most other countries.  If you don’t think that Russia has been doing the same as we have, you need help.

Today we are already at war and not with Russia.   We have a major world wide religion with large elements of that religion calling for all out holy war on Europe and the USA.  In their eyes our children are fair game for bombs, guns and knives.    Our soldiers are still dying at their hands.  About every week a group of Europeans die with shouts of God is Great ringing in their ears.  

Russia should be our ally in the fight against religious nut cases.  Their citizens are fellow Christians. Their fears on their southern border are our fears.  I would remind everyone that in WWII they were our major ally in the defeat of the German Nazis.  The Russians did most of the killing, and the suffering, and the dying in that war.

The USA has enough enemies that want us gone including some of my fellow citizens who seem to hate western civilization in general and Christians in particular.   But to beat the war drum now over Russia is flat out stupid.  We have much more serious problems to deal with than that.  You should not lose sleep over some notion of a Russian threat.  You should lose sleep over Radicalized Islam and don’t forget about North Korea in case you get drowsy.

Gary Pichon


Dear Editor:

Referring to a commentary by Mr. Andy Kippenhan [Other Voices - The Freedom of Going to the Doctor, June 15] concerning the high cost of healthcare in the USA and how much better/cheaper this might be in other countries:

I somehow doubt that Mr. Kippenhan has had any experience with socialized medicine such as is typical in Europe. I have, since I have lived in the U.K., Holland and Germany and I operated a company in Canada. In these countries nationalized healthcare is mandatory, but most countries allow a patient to take out healthcare insurance from a private insurance carrier, if desired. In this case one is clearly paying two premiums, i.e. one to the government for the socialized, national healthcare and the other premium to the private insurance carrier. Adding the two together might result in a total cost similar to ours over here.

For those who are limited to the care provided by the government I have a few stories to tell:

In Canada, the wife of one of my employees was carrying her 6-months old baby when she inexplicably fell in their living room. She was rushed to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with a serious brain tumor. That was September. The earliest a surgeon could operate was March the next year and shortly after the operation she died.

My sister in the U.K. was diagnosed with breast cancer and the earliest she could be seen by an oncologist was five months later.

I knew an elderly lady in Switzerland who developed shingles. As I had had shingles myself and had been treated by my PCP with a single shot, I was concerned and called to check if she too had had a shot. She said no, as her doctor had refused to give it to her under the government-sponsored healthcare system as it was “too expensive”. So she suffered about ten years whilst I was cured almost instantaneously. 

I wonder if these examples give Mr. Kippenhan something to think about: be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!

Finally, if Mr. Kippenhan really believes that a healthcare system run by the government would be superior to that which we have now, perhaps he can check with the VA?  

Respectfully yours,

Peter T. de Kok


Dear Editor:

Thank you Mr. de Kok for adding to the health care conversation [letter in last week’s edition].  Not only are provider costs increased by the malpractice insurance, but many providers perform additional tests to protect themselves. 


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