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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I see that a federal judge has ruled that a citizen in good standing has no federal right to possess or carry any gun that is “military.”  His ruling would allow cities and states to ban semiautomatic AR 15 type rifles. How in the world have we turned over the constitution to such weak minded people is beyond me.

Without the Bill of Rights the country would have never existed. These rights were seen as the only thing that protected the people against the evolvement of a aristocratic class to rule them.

The second amendment was written so that the common man could protect himself against armed criminals, the raiding Indians, and any government which over reached against the collective people. The memory of arms confiscation by the king’s soldiers was fresh in their minds.

Every house hold had a musket which was the equivalent of the the standard weapon possessed by the king’s men. It is a reasonable step to assert that a common citizen does not have a right to the arms of cannon or bombers or nukes. But it is simply wrong to believe that the framers wanted the people to be unable to revolt if revolt was the only way to insure their freedom. All the founding documents referenced this as a right of the people.

The judge’s ruling is judicial over reach. It is why the writer of the bill of rights put the second amendment in the list. These judges should be impeached and removed from their benches. The Congress has this responsibility, else we will be turned into the serfs of a new aristocracy.

Gary Pichon


Dear Editor:

The Georgia High School Association’s lack of commitment to competitive balance in high school athletics directly effects public schools across the state during Class 3A and 4A state playoffs. Since the 2016 reclassification, the eight Atlanta-area private schools in 3A and 4A, representing 7% of all schools, won 40% of state titles (23 of 58 competitions). Since 2000, these eight private schools have won 240 state titles while competing in 3A and 4A...

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