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This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: 

Someone needs to inform the War mongers in Washington about a few truths concerning Nuclear War.

When nuclear bombs are dropped the radiation doesn't stay contained in the country where the bomb/bombs are dropped.

Radiation travels in the jet stream and in our oceans.  

Ten days after the Chernobyl accident in the Ukraine there were detectable radiation fall out levels over the White House and the United States.   

Can you imagine "many"  nuclear bombs being dropped on our planet.   

Radiation would contaminate our air and water for hundreds of years to come.

No one would survive this madness unscathed.

Thank you, 

Sheri Frech


Dear Editor:

I enjoy the Progress so much. I live at Acworth. If my memory serves me right, wasn’t it Mark Miller the lawyer that was unhappy with your jail system? He didn’t like the food, the visitation time, the postal service and so on and on. So Pickens County told him they weren’t running a resort, so he might be happier with Cobb County jail? In reading the trial of Mark Miller I wish Judge Winegarden had asked him how he was liking Cobb County jail. Now he will be at Jackson State Prison. Wonder how he will like it?

P.S. Also, like Faye Blackwell, thank you for sending my subscription reminder. Last year I missed a couple of issues and I was just lost without all the news from Jasper, plus Tommy Gartrell’s sports article.

Della Bridges


Dear Editor:

In response to Mr. Pool’s article on the senior tax exemptions.

I knew it, the local GOP is getting pressured by the school board. Mr. Bell would rather bow to political pressure and  have the seniors eat dog food! Also, it is getting harder to find doctors who accept Medicare since the Obamacare cuts. Thirdly, in what year was the $25,000 exemption passed? I remember when gas was 29 cents a gallon. Have you heard of  I-N-F-L-A-T-I-O-N? People on fixed income know all about it, do you? $25,000 gross income big deal!  Seniors unite! 

Richard Marsh


Dear Editor:

I want to convey my gratitude to both The House and The Senate, for almost unanimously imposing severe sanctions on Russia for meddling in our elections. In my profound thanks, I am joined by the whole Free World! 


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