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This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Domestic enemies of the nation and the endeavor to make America great again are trying a replay of the Watergate Era to stop Trump like they stopped Nixon. The same perverted people that deposed Nixon, stole the moon, moth balled the great Saturn V rocket, sold out Vietnam to the communists, and slaughtered millions of American unborn children are trying the same ambush on Trump. The same mob that kept an adulterous, perverted President Clinton in office despite his skid row tastes.

The shadow government called the New World Order hates the nation. They want it to remain weak. They want to be great in the nation and boss of the nation that is under perverts and addicts that love their addictions more than the people so the shadow government can do as it pleases. They control the movies, TV, radio, and the newspapers that control the mind of the Americans. They control the hen pecked and harlot dominated weak men in the political parties and the greedy, self loving gamblers of Las Vegas that send girls to defend them and die on battlefields. These monsters hate leaders that love the nation more than them. They burn with a hatred for men like Trump and try to steal him from the people and make him a slave to run errands for them on endeavors that their perverted minds dream up.

The cry now is from friend and foe to Trump: "Don’t Tweet, Mr. President, the people might hear you.” 

My advice to Trump is to keep speaking to the people because he has a better thing to say to the people then the harlot dominated and child butchering Huns do that hate America and love the things that destroy the people.

Billy Joe Parker

Georgia Prohibition 


Dear Editor: 

Vladimir  Putin was given time on America's airways to defend himself and Trump while the CIA, FBI, and other counter intelligence agencies are being hamstrung by the Trump administration from investigating Russian involvement in our last  Presidential election.



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