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Run-down Armadillo found near Talking Rock in June 2009


     A City of Jasper employee,  Ed Buchanan, came into the 
Progress office Wednesday with 
a surprise in the back of his 
      He said as he was driving 
toward Talking Rock he passed 
an armadillo that had been run 
over on the road. 
      At first he thought it could 
not really have been one of the 
animals that aren’t known to be 
this far north in Georgia. The 
small critters are frequently 
found on roads and considered a 
pest in the southern part of the 
      Buchanan said the dead 
armadillo’s black and white 
color was different than ones he 
has seen in south Georgia. 
      Buchanan didn’t theorize on 
how the nocturnal mammal 
came to be traveling the roads of 
Pickens County. 
     But a 2005 article published 
by the University of Georgia 
Extension Service noted 
armadillos had moved, at that! 
time, north of the gnat line and 
were being found in middle 
      The article stated, "They 
used to be primarily a south 
Georgia animal," said Melissa 
Cummings, a spokesperson for 
the Georgia Department of 
Natural Resources-Wildlife 
Resources Division. 
      Armadillos now have been 
reported as far north as 
Gainesville, Ga., Cummings 
said in the article. 
     The article noted that 
armadillos in an area are often 
first spotted by the nuisance 
holes they dig in yards.