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Couple featured on NBC’s The Marriage Ref


Husband is musician behind Falcons’ “Dirty Bird to Dallas” theme song

At right Heather and Adam Matteson have completed filming for NBC’s comedy series The Marriage Ref, produced by Jerry Seinfeld and hosted by Tom Papa. Adam, also a hip hop musician, is getting local recognition for his Falcons theme song “Dirty Bird to Dallas.” The Mattesons have been married nearly nine years.“I’ve had the entertainment bug since we were married,” said Pickens’ Adam Matteson, who will appear with his wife Heather this spring on NBC’s The Marriage Ref, produced by Jerry Seinfeld.
“I’ve always liked being on stage and having attention, but she’s got the bug now, too,” he added.
The Marriage Ref is now in its second season, a reality television show that invites married couples to air out their biggest beef with one another in front of a panel of celebrity judges who deliberate and side with either husband or wife. 
“My husband and I are kind of comical characters,” Heather said. “We’re always jousting with each other. Ever since we’ve been married we’ve been considered a comedic couple. Once you get to know us you’ll see. We’re kind of ridiculous.”
The Mattesons say their wedding day was even tinged with comedic undertones. 
“Our wedding was a fiasco,” Adam admitted. “It wasn’t hard to plan. It just wasn’t planned. We used a little property down by the lake. Everybody showed up looking like a bunch of schmucks. The music was jacked up. The preacher was late. It was a mess. We didn’t plan our wedding, we stumbled through it. We essentially planned a barbecue and had a wedding during it,” he said. 
“It would have been much better orchestrated if we had eloped where those preachers dress like Elvis,” he said. “At least they would have known what they were doing.” 
The Mattesons are so comical, in fact, that a scout for The Marriage Ref took notice while they were out eating dinner. 
“We were at table with some friends,” Heather said. “But a scout, or headhunter or whatever you want to call her came by and gave us a card and said they were having a casting in Atlanta. So just on a whim we went out. The casting was at the Galleria. We went and sat down and they interviewed us and it just went from there.”
Seinfeld sent a camera crew to the Matteson’s place for preliminary filming before giving the couple the green light for an all-expenses paid trip to New York for even more filming.
“We had a good time,” Adam said. “We had an eight-hour day of filming here at the house. They did two arguments for the preliminaries. They would just ask us questions and they would direct us on how to be real, but still bring out the funny,” he added. “They’re recreating the stories you told. It’s still reality, but they only have eight hours to do it, so it’s directed reality.” 
Specifics about the Matteson’s argument or names of celebrity judges are under lock and key until the show airs in spring of 2011, but the local couple did spill the beans about the generalities of being in the Big Apple and working with Seinfeld.
They said from the limited amount of time they spent with the former sitcom mega-star that he was a “good guy.”
“We weren’t real hands-on with Jerry, but he’s the producer” Adam said. “As far as the experience with them goes it was just a lot of fun. It could have been a real pain in the butt, but it wasn’t. He ran a good show.” 
If you can’t stand waiting until the spring airing to know more details, take a drive by the Bargain Barn on Hwy. 515 and check out the NBC sponsored billboard. It may offer a hint to the celebrity judges’ ruling.
Being in the spotlight is new for Heather, but Adam is familiar with being on stage. The Pickens resident has been writing hip-hop for years and his single “Dirty Bird to Dallas” has been picked up as a theme song for the Atlanta Falcons this season. 
The single is being played on The Zone 790 AM here in Atlanta and on the T.J. and Company show out of a station in Nashville, Tenn, WRFN-LP.
AJC Falcons reporter D. Orlando Ledbetter also took note of the song in his Dec. 5 entry.  
“I’ve been writing lyrics since I was young,” Adam said. “I can do other kinds of lyrics, like country or punk rock, but I never could get all the pieces together for that kind of music because you have to have a band and bands are full of drama. I tried it a couple of times. “Hip hop was something I could do on my own.”
Adam was performing his song “Hey,” at a tailgate party during the first home game the Falcons played against Tampa Bay when he was “approached by the Zone 790,” he said. “I was performing the song this guy from the Zone came and watched me do it.”
The Zone asked Adam if he would write a song for the Falcons and Adam said he was confident with his abilities. 
“I just know the team. I know the players, so I said I could do that pretty easy,” he said. 
And he did do it pretty easily. Adam said he wrote the song in about an hour while in New York filming for The Marriage Ref. 
Adam’s ambitions for “Dirty Bird to Dallas” are to perform during a Falcons half-time show. 
“Just to have it played at the Dome would be great,” he said, “but my biggest aspiration for the song is to be able to play it at a halftime show this year. I would take any halftime show, that would be great, but the NFC halftime show would be really cool.” 
You can listen to “Dirty Bird to Dallas” and more of Adam’s songs at
Visit and follow the link to their “Dirty Bird to Dallas” Facebook page. 
You can see the Mattesons in an episode of The Marriage Ref, which will begin airing on NBC this spring.
The Mattesons live in Pickens with their eight-year-old son Titus. 
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