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Wisecracks, rants and wisdom: Best quotes of 2010

September 16 - “It’s something I’ve never seen nothing like before,” said Jasper’s Animal Control Officer Lonnie Waters after it took him, two police officers, an assistant, and the closure of one lane of Hwy. 515 to handle a groundhog that was hit by a car, knocked out, and then put inside a car where it shortly woke up and scared the driver. “If the thing had jumped on her face, who knows what could have happened. I would never advise anyone to stop and pick up any wild animal. A wild animal should never be locked into a car with any person.”altApril 8  - “They have the gall to land on my roof, and I can hear their long claws scratching around up there, and I can’t scare them away.” –Jo Ann Finch on the buzzards that camped out in the Piney Woods neighborhood until the mayor and city crews blew them out with special gun-fired charges.


January 28 - “Why? Why would (Mayor Weaver) do that? Why would anybody do that? I really don’t understand,” said Eino, Jasper’s former artist-in-residence while surveying the changes at Jasper’s water park. “If they threw a Molotov Cocktail at it, that would have been the fastest way to get rid of it.”

January 7 - “There are a lot of people home all day, and what many of them enjoy doing is looking out their windows,” said Jasper Mayor John Weaver regarding the neighborhood watch program the city began in 2010.


March 11 - “Now a lot of people are going in the wrong direction,” said Pearl Hammontree, who turned 100 in 2010. “Money’s ruined the world. People’s not honest anymore. They’ll just take money from other people and keep it themselves. People’s got money and that’s all they want, and somewhere to spend it. That’s a lot of difference. When we got money, we kept it. But we just all got to trust the Lord, who’s gonna clean things up. If we don’t trust the Lord we’re not doin’ nothing.” 
altApril 26 - “It’s very taxing mentally. I am fit to be tied mentally. I’m behind on my house payments, and my disabled parents live with me so it affects the entire family. In this economy, we can’t even sell the house. I’ve just been trying to hold my breath and get through school.” Sam, a 40-year-old who spent the year unemployed and struggling to make ends meet while working his way through school.
April 29 - “Its breathing was pretty shallow. It was nearly gone, and then, out of the blue, it sat up. At that time the deputy shot it three more times, and that about did it,” DNR Officer Joe Hill said of a black bear that had been struck by a van, shot three times, still wasn’t dead, then shot three more times.
August 19 - “I’ve got $300,000 more dollars, and that’s all I’m putting in this project,” said County Commissioner Rob Jones during an interview following the Pickens County Airport Authority’s meeting regarding the 17-acre industrial building site beside the airport. “And it’s going to go as far as it goes. I am not going back to the well, and I am not going to the people of Pickens County and ask for any more money. It is what it is.” 
September 2 -“I can’t make a living here anymore,” said a local builder who wished to remain anonymous. “Nobody (in the building industry) can. There’s just nothing going up. Used to you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing trucks going here and there and now you don’t see anything at all. It sucks.”
October 21 - “Well, let’s just say if you miss trick or treating this year, it’s your own fault,” said Jasper Mayor John Weaver regarding the debate over which night locals got to trick or treat this year. “We apologize for any inconvenience, but as mayor of a small city, I can’t change the date of Halloween. The 31st of October is and always will be Halloween, and it’s not my job to change that.”