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UPDATED: Attorney Mark Miller jailed for contempt of court


 Mark Miller responds to arrest in this week's edition, available now.

     Jasper attorney Mark Miller has been arrested on criminal and civil contempt of court charges in Gilmer County for failure to appear at a May 27 hearing and for failing to respond to a court ordered discovery.

         Miller is well known locally for his criticism/commentary of the school system and county taxes.  

         According to the Order of Contempt, filed on June 6 in Gilmer County, Miller has been sentenced to serve 10 days in the Gilmer County Jail and will not be released until he responds to the discovery. He was booked on Tuesday, June 7.

Book-in from Gilmer County.


         The court order from Gilmer County Superior Court notes that Miller never responded to any discovery in the case and he did not appear at any depositions or at a May 27th hearing. At the May hearing, the court asked for Miller’s office to be called.  An employee told the court they did not know where he was, as he handled his own schedule.

     The contempt order stated the failure to appear or respond or communicate with the court was “willful criminal contempt.”

       The case at question with the discovery appears to involve an estate where property was transferred, along with some financial issues, and involves Woodbourne Estates of Georgia Inc. that was later dissolved. Miller was listed as a registered agent for Woodbourne.

        The original suit was filed by Katie Parker in 2012 as the administrator of the estate of N. Paulette Parker and the estate of David Kent. The suit was originally filed in Pickens County but was later transferred to Gilmer.

            The suit noted, the plaintiffs and their counsel have attempted to make inquiry of the defendant to determine the details of the transactions between parties but have been unable to obtain any information from C. Mark Miller who is a listed as registered agent for Woodbourne.





Charlie Brown -et al
-6 #11 Charlie Brown -et al 2016-06-20 17:24
Quoting Dangerous times!:
aren't there enough people on this god-forsaken planet? Stop birthing babies already!

Hey #10 -
1.-You obviously should not have been born.
2.-You absolutely should never procreate.
+8 #12 JG 2016-07-09 17:53
I'm compelled to reply to some of these statements. The people that have brought this this scumbag to light is my family. The man is my father and the girl is my half sister. They live in such a way that no one should live. My father has heart problems and my sister is taking care of him. They can't live comfortable because this theif was taking her money. Money he used to go on vacations, buy a car and a motor home. Those who believe he is innocent might want to open their eyes.
0 #13 Bomar 2017-01-10 15:22
How does one get ahold of records from his office? Is there someone taking his clients?
0 #14 Bomar 2017-01-10 15:24
Who is responsible for his clients? Any information would be helpful.
Pickens Progress
+2 #15 Pickens Progress 2017-01-10 17:19
From covering it in court, they have stated clients are being helped getting files. But they didn't go into details about the process. We just checked and the phone numbers are disconnected. Give us a day or two and we'll post what we find out.

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