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Main Stop Market burglary work of professionals, police say


    Plywood covers the door of Main Stop Market after it was smashed during a robbery on July 13th.

    It took four robbers less than three minutes to break in and make off with the safe from Main Stop Market, in the early morning hours of July 13th.
    Jasper Police Sgt. Matt Dawkins said the work appears tied to a criminal group that has committed a rash of commercial burglaries in north Georgia including Lumpkin County, Cherokee County, Gainesville, Cleveland and Dalton, primarily at convenience stores.

    Video from the store on North Main Street in Jasper, shows four black males entering after bashing out the glass of the front door about 3 a.m. on July 13th. Sgt. Dawkins said you could tell from the video that they were professionals.
    The suspects here appear to be the same as those on security videos from other burglaries, Dawkins said.
    He said the convenience store robberies have a similar pattern of early morning heists at closed stores where they smash through a door and are quickly in and out with a safe. In some cases, the robbers have knocked out sections of concrete block walls so they could enter closed stores from the rear without being noticed by passersby.
    The convenience stores have very similar layouts with the safe being near the cash registers as this is a common system used by the clerks for handling cash, Dawkins said. He said this group appears to be familiar with the general layout of convenience stores, not working from inside information on each store.
    Detectives here are working closely with other jurisdictions to trace down the leads and identify the group, Dawkins said. He asked anyone who sees anything suspicious at a closed convenience store in any location to call 911 immediately.
    Video from Lumpkin County showed a blue van being used by the group. Here, the video from the parking lot was not clear, but it’s possible a red vehicle was used.
    After realizing this robbery was part of a string, the Jasper Police reviewed a spring robbery at Dunn’s convenience store in Talking Rock and now believe it is part of the same group’s work.