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Pokémon GO hits Main Street


Screenshots from Pokémon GO featuring local spots to find a Pokémon on the popular app.


By Caleb Lambert 

Contributing writer


   What are all of these kids doing on Main Street? They're playing Pokémon GO. 

   This new game is simply downloaded onto your smartphone just like any other app, and then boom, you can  walk around well-known areas such as cities or historical landmarks, like the Oglethorpe Monument or Old Jail in Jasper, and see virtual Pokémon through your phone’s camera.

In a press release, TDS Telecom described it like this, “What is it?
Think of it like a treasure hunt—only the treasure is Pokémon monsters.

Players ‘find’ them in the real world by using a cell phone and essentially play the ‘hot or cold’ game. The mobile app visually shows players whether they’re hot/close to the Pokémon or cold/further away.”


As you're walking, you can feel your phone vibrate. This means there is a Pokémon nearby. Simply find it on your screen, and drag your finger towards it. You'll then launch a Pokéball that will capture the Pokémon in your inventory. 

Certain locations, such as the Pickens Progress, Woodbridge Inn, and the Pickens County Library have “Gyms.” There you can battle Pokémon you previously caught against one of the two opposing teams. 

There's Team Mystic, which is blue, team Valor that's red, and team Instinct as yellow. All three teams want to take over the town to prove their own dominance and see who has the stronger Pokémon. Now you're ready to take on the town yourself, but which team will you choose? 

TDS Telecom’s Missy Kellor offered a few safety tips in their press release. “I’ve told my son to follow some reasonable guidelines—don’t go onto private property, don’t go anywhere you wouldn’t normally, bring water, and go with a buddy. I do recommend going out with your kids because you’ll have fun and it’s a great excuse to be a little more active!”

The game has not be well received in many foreign countries for encouraging people to get out and about. (See humorous article on Nations of the World confronting Pokemon Menace.)