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Complete outdoor burning ban enacted due to drought

fire danger


Fire Marshal Curtis Clark announced this morning a complete outdoor burning ban for all of Pickens County. Clark said the City of Jasper has  enacted the same ban.

Due to drought conditions, all outdoor burning, including campfires and fireworks are prohbited.

It will remain in place until "significant rains" falls, Clark said. "A brief shower will not help this."

Fire officials are particularly worried about predicted high winds this weekend with no rain in sight. The winds further increase fire hazards.

See earlier story about smoke from fires in surrounding counties drifting into Pickens. 



+5 #1 suchashame 2016-11-04 07:19
I spent a great deal of time building a natural-stone outdoor fire pit this year and now I can't even use it. First of all, its way too hot. Second of all, there's a severe drought and now a fire ban! What are the odds? Oh well, I'll definitely abide by the rules. That's one of my flaws by the way: doing what's legal. Here's hoping everyone else will do the same (yeah right). Watch, some idiot smoker will throw their butt out their vehicle window, AS THEY ALWAYS DO, and we'll experience huge fires throughout north GA. Wanna bet?
Dr. Trumpalot
-6 #2 Dr. Trumpalot 2016-11-04 07:25
Now what y'all got to say about climate change? Earth supposed to be warming another 2 degrees this year.
-1 #3 suchashame 2016-11-04 12:38
If all you people would just stop birthing so many babies all the time we wouldn't have these problems. If you believe in global warming, then the world's population is mostly to blame. All you parents needing all that gas to tote all your spoiled kids all over God's green (for now) earth. You by all that food that leads to skyrocketing food prices due to demand. You buy them all ipads, ipods, icars, and anything else that comes for sale from China. And you wonder why it's friggin' 78 degrees in November? Birth control, people, USE IT. P.S. "Vote Quimby." I voted Trump today and I really hope he wins. If we're going to go down, I prefer to do it in flames.

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