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Interim superintendent encourages long-range view

Dr. Charles Webb held “top secret” security clearance during military career


    Dr. Charles Webb speaking at the latest school board meeting. In this article he discusses some of the top issues facing the school system.


    In a brief interview last week, the interim superintendent of schools for Pickens County advocated a studied approach for the system, not quick action during his tenure.
    Dr. Charles Webb said Thursday he will encourage the school board to take both time and public input before moving ahead on the high-profile issues facing the school system.

See full story in this week's print or online edition.


-14 #1 EW 2017-01-18 12:56
How about someone local who's already proven themselves to be respected and for the children. Someone who knows the community and students and what they need.
no win situation
+10 #2 no win situation 2017-01-19 07:25
Because then you'd have people crying about the "good ol boy" network. It doesn't who gets hired, it will be a b!tch fest.
Mr. Perspective
-5 #3 Mr. Perspective 2017-01-24 09:17
I was told that there was already someone "in waiting" a proven educational professional ready to step in. Someone with known and marked success locally. Stop playing around, and get this person in charge. Also, I would establish policy that any "interim" school superintendents CANNOT live in a gated community, and that perm superintendents are required in 6 months to move to Pickens County permanent residence. No more carpetbaggers.

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