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Lottery tickets stolen from Jasper gas station

lottery-tickets           A case of lottery tickets was stolen from a Jasper gas station early this morning. 

     A burglar tried to test their luck during the early morning hours of Wednesday, March 1 by breaking into a downtown Jasper convenience store and stealing an entire case of scratch-off lottery tickets. The burglar broke in by smashing out the front door glass. (Across the county in Marble Hill last night, sheriff deputies made an arrest in an earlier convenience store robbery. See story.)

            But according to Jasper Police Det. Matt Dawkins, the tickets are reported as stolen and in effect worthless, and can be tracked when they are attempted to be redeemed.


            “They know where they try to cash it in,” Dawkins said. “I’m actually on the way to Canton to review surveillance video because they’ve tried to redeem them at three locations down there already.”

             The lottery tickets were stolen from Main Stop Market on North Main Street in Jasper at approximately 5:28 a.m.

            “They were in and out in less than a minute,” Dawkins said. “That’s all they got.”


            Anyone with any information about the burglary is asked to contact Jasper Police at 706-692-9110.