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Concerned citizen’s call allows deputies to capture another convenience store burglar

Tecorey-JohnsonTecorey Johnson
(Related story - Jasper Police still looking for lottery ticket burglar from convenience store.)      On March 1, 2017 at approximately 3:00 am, a witness around Faz Corner convenience store in Marble Hill Georgia called 911 to report very suspicious noises coming from the area of the store. The caller stated that they could here loud construction like noises coming from the rear of the store. The caller also stated that a dark passenger car had stopped multiple times near the store and then pulled away.
      Deputies then responded and found that the rear of the building had been cut open with some form of saw and the power had been turned off. While back up deputies were responding, a vehicle matching the description given was spotted traveling West on Hwy 53. The deputy performed an investigative traffic stop along with back up. After an initial investigation, Tecorey Johnson (27 year old, black male from Columbus Georgia) was placed under arrest for Possession of Burglary Tools, Criminal Trespass, and Criminal Attempt to Commit Burglary.
       Deputies on the scene also found foot tracks that led into the woods and a K9 track was conducted. During the track, deputies and detectives located clothes that appeared to have been removed while fleeing, but the second offender was not located.
      Mr. Johnson was then transported to the Pickens County Adult Detention Center, where he remains.
      Detectives are continuing to work hard to complete their investigation now and due to the active nature of the investigation, no additional details can be released at this time.
      We would like to thank the caller for notifying us when things were out of the normal. Because of this concerned citizen, another crime was prevented.