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Jasper’s water system eyes new sources

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[This is the second of a two-part series. The first looked at the city’s sewage system and future options. It is available from the March 2nd edition.]



Because of the extended drought and relatively dry winter, the city of Jasper’s water supply is at roughly the same level now as it usually is in July of most years. But officials say the worst-case scenarios involve only tighter restrictions on outdoor use. 

The mayor and water department superintendent are confident the city will be able to meet all demands for homes this year even if we see drought again.

“Extreme drought makes us do extreme things, but we will keep water in the lines,” Mayor John Weaver said in an interview earlier in March. 

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+1 #1 Guest 2017-03-30 13:47
Good article. Very glad the waterpark was not built.
Leachate Lies
-4 #2 Leachate Lies 2017-04-01 23:05
Sewage sludge is toxic, period. Garbage juice (leachate) that Jasper is importing into the county is toxic. Garbage juice that the city is allowing in (a poisoning for profit scheme) makes the sludge that the city sewer system produces toxic, Like, DUH! How dare Mr. Hall or city officials claim this isn't true.

Where does Jasper's tainted sludge go? On farmland near you? In you food crops?? On land that your drinking water or well water or spring flows from? Read about the sham regulations that allow this spreading of poison in the free online book, or any of the thousands of science publications, if you aren't a Trumpster that lies above science and truth. The book is Toxic Sludge is Good for You by John Stauber. And others.

If land application of sewage sludge has been done to your property, test for the heavy metals--lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc. It doesn't easily go away. The toxic organic poisons are as bad, or worse.

Lawyer up. Augusta paid millions for destroying farmland and a cattle herd when they fooled a local into taking this "safe" sludge. The tax increase and water bill increase on Jasper to pay damages for being party to spreading this imported poison from the leachate they have chosen to treat will make the $660k/yr chump change. It will be discovered, No amount of chlorine and aeration (sewage treatment) will get rid of the juice Jasper is taking from the for-profit dump that has conned the City into being part of this poison chain. Look it up--there is no safe standard for leachate that is scientifically meaningful. Toxic is toxic. It's not the pathogenic microbes, it's the metals and toxic organics.
-4 #3 TATUM 2017-04-02 05:52
Clayton County, Georgia keeps winning awards left and right. Why not "tap" an already great plan that our tax dollars have already paid for? I'm sure the same plan could work for us.

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