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Commercial growth underway

The Progress looks at four different projects that will have an impact on the town


     Pickens County is a small community, so when dirt starts moving people notice and want to know what’s going on. This week we look at a few construction projects happening around town, including medical offices, a gun range, a church and an auto repair/tire shop. See the full story in this week's print or online editions. 



Mr. Realist
+8 #1 Mr. Realist 2017-04-12 18:20
THIS IS NOT ECONOMIC GROWTH!!!!!!!! They are a standard ebb and flow of business. We need non-retail business growth that can sustain beyond a onesy or twosy blip. We need heads rolling, a plan and actual implementation of a plan before we get sideswiped by the Resaca Georgia's of the world. So we can compete with Ball Ground, Dahlonega, Adairsville and maybe Rome.
J. Geils
+6 #2 J. Geils 2017-04-13 09:49
Mr. Realist,
I disagree. This is not standard ebb and flow (that is when restaurants or boutiques or thrift stores open and close). Small businesses are the main driver of the American economy "According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms. Since 1995, small businesses have generated 64 percent of new jobs, and paid 44 percent of the total United States private payroll, according to the SBA."
Here we have classic small businesses and one large church. The automative store is adding transfer truck service showing an entrepreneur meeting a need. They are hiring 10 to 12 pretty solid.
The expanded medical practice is as good as you can get. High paying jobs.
The gun range not only will pay local sales tax but should attract people from outside the area.
The church itself is only a church but as big as it is, you can better believe it will put some Sunday lunch eaters out there.

This is exactly the type of growth we need here. Low impact. Good jobs, no drain on infrastructure.
Magic Dick
+2 #3 Magic Dick 2017-04-13 18:52
I agree with you on your SBA assessment and what these expansions will bring but I think you missed Mr. Realist's point. I think he's trying to say is we need larger manufacturing/t echnology based employers that will have more of a financial impact on our tax base. This way the property owners won't be on the hook for as much. The businesses in the article are all great and ran by some nice people which is a great start to new economic expansion but the County Commissioners need to be working hard at bringing in larger businesses that employ large numbers of people at high wages. That's what this county needs along with the growth of our local businesses.
Mr. Realist
+2 #4 Mr. Realist 2017-04-14 08:35
The problem is we need jobs that are going to pay ATLEAST $50,000 a year if not more and need hundreds of em. These blips aren't going to do that. Retail is dying big time, there's only Woodbridge Inn in that area as a Sunday restaurant. We can also encourage remote workers. The other problem is that other small communities are seeing this, and doing the right things. We're not doing a thing except holding on to the life preserver that has sprung a leak and there's no duct tape.

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