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Dr. Carlton Wilson named superintendent finalist

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 Dr. Carlton Wilson

     Dr. Carlton Wilson has been named the single finalist for superintendnet of Pickens County Schools in a 3-2 vote from the school board. Dr. Wilson was selected as the sole finalist from a pool of 49 applicants. Dr. Wilson joined the Pickens County School District in 1996 as a teacher at Pickens County Middle School, where he taught for four years. In 2000 he began his administrative career as Assistant Principal of Jasper Primary School. He became principal of Hill City Elementary School in 2002, where he remained for 11 years. Most recently he worked as principal of Japser Elementary. The board anticipates finalizing Dr. Wilson as superintendent after the mandated 14-day public comment period.        See full coverage of the superintendent selection and surprising 3-2 vote in next week's edition. 



Big Easy
-1 #1 Big Easy 2017-04-27 18:07
Mr. Wilson appears to be a good hire and appears to have a lot of support from the community. In hopes of full transparency I believe the public deserves to know why he resigned his position at Jasper Elem. a couple of years ago during the school year. I listened to both of the BOE members that voted NO on his selection and they had valid reasons for doing so and I fully understand them and respect those members for sticking to their guns. I hope Mr. Wilson checks his ego at the door and does what is best for ALL of our students and not just a chosen few.
Mr. Realist
+4 #2 Mr. Realist 2017-04-28 16:24
Dr. Wilson can be a lil aloof, but the overall view is that the last carpetbagger "superintendent " was so demeaning of personnel, I'd be finding anyway to get out the door as well. The board along with the attorney whisperer have made such bad decisions, it's time for a bold move and get away from the retreads the Georgia School Board Association keeps pushing. Past time for the board to do what they are elected to do and make the tough calls. We need a superintendent that has some semblance of roots and ability to understand and cultivate relationships. I'd put the two no votes on notice, this is not a good move on their part.
+2 #3 Nightmare1 2017-04-29 03:37
I have no Idea what Big easy is on about but the reason Dr. Wilson quit working at hill city was due to surgical issues. Those issues have no bearing what so ever on Dr. Wilson's ability to do the job. Having witnessed his behavior with two of my children on a regular basis I can attest to his qualifications as a guiding light in our school system. Dr. Wilson is a prime example of a man who stands up to help our youth. We don't need flibbity jib from people with personal vendettas and nonsense polluting this decision. For those that feel the need. Understand this. Most of us can see through your nonsense. It is what it is after all nonsense.
Big Easy
0 #4 Big Easy 2017-04-29 20:27

I can assure I'm not on anything but a goodtime and Sweetheart, Mr. Wilson was at Jasper when he resigned from the school system. If he's going to be Superintendent then I think the taxpayers have a right to know why he left as one of the BOE members stated she was uneasy with him doing that and feared he would do it again! I hope he's the right choice and wish him well but I simply wanted to know why he left and if he's afraid to truthfully answer the question he doesnt need to be the Superintendent!

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