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Confederate grave marked at Long Swamp Church


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Dan Pool / Photo The grave of a Civil War veteran was marked in a ceremony featuring re-enactors Saturday at Long Swamp Church.

       Descendants of P.N. Herendon, along with members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Sons of Confederate Veterans assembled Saturday to mark the Civil War veteran’s grave at Long Swamp Baptist Church.

Herendon was a private in the 107th Ga. Militia during the War Between the States and later operated a wagon store in this area, traveling to homesteads in the later 1800s. (Herendon’s family name has changed somewhat through the years, with many descendants now spelling it Herndon.)

The ceremony at the church not far off Cove Road included the pledge to the U.S. and Confederate flags, the singing of Dixie, and a salute from the Sons of the Confederacy 2nd Brigade re-enactors who fired Civil War-style rifles.

Janie Turner, president of the UDC Joseph Emerson Brown Chapter in Fannin County, led the program. She began by urging those in attendance to be proud of their ancestry and work to preserve it. She said when they mark graves they not only honor the soldiers but also recognize the “continuing need for unselfish service.”

A descendent of Herendon read a letter he sent home while between engagements that described the conditions soldiers faced in the field.

Another relative read an account handed down by relatives of Herendon working as a traveling merchant in this area. In the recollection, Herendon came to a home where the whole family was extremely sick and he stayed there for several days nursing them and taking care of their livestock until they were better.