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Chase ends in arrest on Old Hwy. 5


By Ralph O. Dennis

Contributing writer

Last night a little after 9 p.m. , a Pickens County Sheriff’s deputy observed a car that was identified as belonging to an individual that had several outstanding warrants from Cherokee County. When the deputy turned on his lights to make the stop, the suspect fled starting the high speed chase.

As he “blew” through the four-way stop in Tate, troopers from the GA State Patrol joined the pursuit. The pursuit was going south on old Hwy. 5. Just before the entrance to the Riverstone sub-division, the trooper executed the pit maneuver causing the suspect’s vehicle to leave the road on the east side. The vehicle struck a tree and overturned. Both occupants (the male suspect and a female companion) remained in the vehicle until removed by the deputies and troopers.

While at the scene, Lt. Chris Tucker, Pickens Sheriff’s Office, said that both individuals would be transported to the hospital to be checked. The male was  arrested on the warrants from Cherokee County and other charges. Updated: Arrested was Jacob Cole Henson of Satterfield Road, Canton. He is charged with fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer (Felony), as well as several traffic offenses.


+6 #11 S 2017-05-20 19:55
Some of the comments on here show plain ignorance in our society today. Although parents do play a major role in raising Children, parents can only go so far. They can't go thru life holding their kids hands. It is both of their faults for putting themselves in this situation and both are lucky not to he dead. I've known Coke for a while and I think a long jail sentence is needed to maybe help him not mess up the rest of his life. Might not hurt the girl too if she is going down the wrong path.
-5 #12 Susan 2017-05-22 18:55
Look, what the parents of these 2 criminals actions seem to over look is the fact that they could gotten someone killed during they stupid judgement. Besides how old is this dummy driving the car and the trick that was with him??? I heard he has a serious past and she is cheap so I have to agree with the afore mentioned statement...bwa hahahahha
Jick Jodges Jr
-3 #13 Jick Jodges Jr 2017-05-23 11:03
Quoting Susan:
Look, what the parents of these 2 criminals actions seem to over look is the fact that they could gotten someone killed during they stupid judgement. Besides how old is this dummy driving the car and the trick that was with him??? I heard he has a serious past and she is cheap so I have to agree with the afore mentioned statement...bwahahahahha

Susan you don't know either of these people so keep your ignorance to yourself. "Judge not lest ye be judged". Yes it was clearly a stupid decision, especially running for a shoplifting warrant. But for you to call my girl a "trick" and "cheap" whom you don't even know shows how miserable your life must be. I'd like to know how you came to that conclusion. If you want to stand behind your comments I suggest you post your full name and phone# and we can discuss what you think you know about the account, which apparently is nothing. So back up your comments or go ahead and put yourself out of your misery. If you do know them then you are obviously a hideous disgusting jealous trash pile and you are salty bc she is unbelievably gorgeous. Go find a chatroom to spew your ignorance, this situation has been heartbreaking enough without​ your uselessness on display. Do everyone a favor and take a long walk off a short pier with cement shoes.
Jick Jodges Jr
-1 #14 Jick Jodges Jr 2017-05-23 13:44
Susan, do you know the people involved? If not I recommend you keep your judgements to yourself and so no one will know how ugly you are inside. My babygirl is no trick and she's not cheap either. She's​ so gorgeous it's stunning. She made the mistake of letting him drive, she didn't know he had a warrant for shoplifting. Do everyone a favor and roofie yourself before you take a long hot bath.
+2 #15 Deb 2017-05-24 15:52
if the gov stayed out of the raising of children and cracked down on meth and heroin then maybe some of this would be better in the future-just saying-parents cant always help problem children and then the school, gov and basic busybodies tie their hands even more. You don't know until you are in their shoes and walk the mile. People sure like to judge the parents as being in fault all too fast.
-2 #16 Susan 2017-05-26 09:41
Jick, you do know and it wasn't too long ago I told you what comes around goes around.
And honestly these people remind me of a group of misfits I heard people talking about called the newborns and how they were. But as far as these 2 go they are probably acting just like there parents. I bet all of yuns have been in trouble with the Pope and with drugs. A proud bunch ndeed
Jick Jodges Jr
+6 #17 Jick Jodges Jr 2017-05-26 15:31
Susan, I agree with you, what goes around does come back around. The real problem with people today is people don't think. There's too many distractions. Parents now just use modern technology to raise their children. A cell phone is a jack of all trades. I look around and no one is paying attention. You can't have a 5 minute conversation with someone without a call, text, email, social media message or notification interrupting and distracting. In this environment most people don't think, they lose touch with themselves and forget how to to recognize when their gut is trying to tell them something. This is quickly becoming an age of technology zombies. It's sad to recognize I and still fall into the trap. Its stunting the growth of the gift we are all born with, intuition. Any problem, any answer we seek, any time we are bored, lonely...techno logy it will have an answer. Who wants to wait or contemplate, think, or learn from their victories, accomplishments , or mistakes? Though it still exists in all of us, there's always something to distract us from listening to what our mind/body/soul is telling us what we should or shouldn't do. These two both made poor choices. That doesn't mean they evil malacious criminals, cheap hoes or whatever. Doesn't mean they necessarily had bad parents. They didn't realize their gut was telling them that this decision could end badly. I'm really puzzled about the pit manuever. But at least no was killed or seriously wounded. They're incredibly lucky. I hope they both take time to reflect and understand at what point they each went wrong.
-2 #18 Bonnie42 2018-03-21 20:42
Quoting Amy:
Vehicle was not registered to Jacob Cole Henson. Incorrect story. Update why the vehicle was pulled over.

Yeah, that vehicle was registered to the passenger who had no Warrants and was not running from police at all, and if the police officer did his job correctly, by actually running the tags of the vehicle, he would have realized this. So what gives them the right to perform such drastic measures as a pit maneuver?? Sure they may have tried to run, but neither of them had any serious charges pending on them. The driver was on suspendid license and pronation violations the passenger and owner of the vehicle had nothing.

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