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What do people not like here? Lack of entertainment #1 gripe

Planning survey shows small town feel a desired trait


Survey Results: What kind of place would you like Pickens County to be in 20 years? In this “word cloud” graphic the size of word reflects the number of responses. 


Pickens County has begun the year-long process of updating their Joint Comprehensive Plan, with a recent public survey revealing concerns about the county’s future and suggestions planners say will be valuable. 

Members of the public have been asked to participate in the state-mandated process. Pickens County Planning & Development Director Richard Osborne has called the plan a “general vision for the future,” and said it could impact issues like zoning, emergency management planning, ordinances and public safety. The plan must be completely updated every 10 years for the county to be eligible for certain grants and funding. 

A stakeholder planning session was held  Tuesday, June 20th. There were 15 members of the public in attendance, including Pickens County Tax Appraiser Roy Dobbs, Talking Rock council member Cheryl Sams, the city of Nelson clerk, two representatives from Pickens Arts & Cultural Alliance, Jasper council members Anne Sneve and Sonny Proctor, and City of Jasper employee Lonnie Waters.  

Ethan Calhoun, planner with the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission who led the meeting, said he was blown away by the number of people who responded to the survey.

“You had 743 responses,” he said, pointing to another Georgia community of a similar size that had around 100 responses. “That is a really good response rate.” 

The presentation included data about Pickens County, most of which came from the 2010 Census, as well as local survey results where members of the community were asked to respond to a variety of questions about the current status and future needs in the county. 

 See this week's print or online editions for full story including survey results, charts, and comments from members of the public in attendance. 


get different people
-5 #1 get different people 2017-06-29 09:21
It's the same old people deciding our future and how we should progress. No hard feelings, but let's get some new blood on board. These conservative politicians and ultra-Christian s'll never recommend or attract anything fun around here. If we idiot voters (yes, I'm included) of this county'd just elect all new people, across the board, perhaps we'd have better representation and fresh ideas. As of now, it's just the gool ol' boy, and gal, county protecting their interests only.
-5 #2 Realist 2017-06-29 13:46
THere are some new folks... and it is just starting out.. local government has to have representatives . Is this a political issue? There were some face slapper figures in the things have to be implemented for this community to survive as population ages and lack of quality employment opportunities.
-4 #3 Resident 2017-06-30 11:01
When and how was the public told about this? Was it ONLY posted as a notice in the paper? If so, then that excludes A LOT of Pickens Co! Most people prefer to get news digitally and so they do not get the Pickens Progress. If more notices were placed around town and in large formats explaining WHAT THE MEETING will cover...more people in the community EOULD attend.
Hillary Lost
+4 #4 Hillary Lost 2017-06-30 17:07
You SHOULD pay more ATTENTION if you would like to be more INFORMED about things going on in the COUNTY. Your POST makes you sound like a grade A JACKASS.
-1 #5 Newbie 2017-07-04 15:40
One way to have more voice is to get people out to meetings. HOWEVER, at $20 per person for breakfast, people don't engage. Charge me $5-$10, I'll bring my coffee or smoothie and completely engage in the meeting.

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