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Not total here, but totally cool




Staff Reports

Like most of Pickens County, these Grandview Lake area residents  (at right) gathered  to watch the 99 percent eclipse Monday about 2:30 p.m. at the lake clubhouse.

Similar groups could be spotted watching the sky with special glasses, homemade viewers and even a welding mask.

People brought chairs out in some locations, while others in downtown simply stepped outside when they saw the sky darken.

“We did not have total darkness but eerie,” said sky-watcher Valerie Ansted. "Solar lights went on. Birds stopped chirping and you could hear crickets or Cicadas. Awesome.”

However, a local man watching the eclipse from a bench on Main Street, said he recalled the eclipse in the 1970s and it got much darker here, expressing some disappointment with Monday’s  celestial event.

The top photo from David Akoubian is a composite taken from five photos he shot over Pickens County.