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Mayor asks gov. candidate about dire state of Chatt. Tech


photo/Angela Reinhardt

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, right, held a meet and greet at The Carriage House Wednesday, Aug. 16. Cagle is running for governor in the 2018 election. Here he is pictured with state Senator Steve Gooch.  

       Lt. Governor and gubernatorial candidate Casey Cagle dropped by the Carriage House as part of his #CagleCountry tour of north Georgia. 

The meet and greet was attended by citizens and local and state leaders, including state Senator Steve Gooch, who said he would support Cagle “100 percent” in his run for governor. School superintendent Carlton Wilson, school board members Daniel Bell and Sue Finley, commission chair Rob Jones and Jasper Mayor John Weaver were also on hand.  

Cagle focused on job creation, tax cuts, infrastructure, and education reform. He’s vowed to cut taxes by $100 million in the first 100 days of office and create 500,000 jobs in the first term, and improve broadband service in rural communities like Pickens County.

Cagle fielded a few questions from the crowd, including a question from Mayor Weaver about the future of Chattahoochee Technical College, which has seen dwindling enrollment over the last few years. 

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Ghost of Sam Tate
-4 #1 Ghost of Sam Tate 2017-08-23 12:18
Not sure it's a "dire state" but we need a full four year degree college. My suggestion is a partnership with Kennesaw State University with demolishing of some nearby buildings and bad planning parking space, to put satellite dorms near campus. Reviewing the curriculum for my profession and a couple of others. ChatTech (not just Jasper campus) is a "day late and a dollar short". It also doesn't help that our state representatives seem busy on "candy bills" and NOT bringing home the bacon. If we cannot get a four year college in 2 years. The campus may need to be shut down and be repurposed for other means.

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