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Smiling faces fill first Shamrock Stroll

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Robin Dunn / Photo

More than 250, plus dogs and children, joined the Shamrock Stroll 

Saturday. Organizers hope it will become a yearly tradition.


With perfect weather and a large turnout in green, the inaugural Shamrock Stroll in downtown Jasper left Irish (and other) eyes smiling.

The short walk down Main Street followed by a family friendly party at the grassy area on the corner of Spring Street was hosted by Reinhardt University as part of their scholarship program “ADay for Pickens,” which has raised $30,000 for local scholarships since it was started last July.

The event held in the late afternoon saw an outstanding turnout, with more than 250 registered Shamrock strollers sporting their finest Irish-themed attire most of whom stayed to enjoy the food, beverages, games at the city’s green space park along with music from the C.C. Morgan band.


Walkers included a mix of Reinhardt faculty, alumni from this area, students from the college and locals looking for a fun way to spend the sunny afternoon. 

Dale Morrissey, director of Development and External Relations at Reinhardt University, said, “We were just thrilled with the crowd that came out and stayed,” she said. “They all looked like they were enjoying the family atmosphere.” Morrissey said the mood was what they were going for– people in St. Paddy’s Day costumes, bringing out the kids and dogs.

Reinhardt University in Waleska has held a ADay for Cherokee for the past 20 years to provide scholarships for students in that county. Last year they expanded with ADay for Pickens.

This was the first event that the college has held in Jasper and coincides with efforts to expand their presence here among students, including a Reinhardt nursing program taught at Chattahoochee Tech.

“We want to bring that scholarship program and awareness of the college to Pickens,” Morrissey said. “We want to do something for the local students who attend Reinhardt.”

The idea for a .5K stroll came from a Reinhardt administrator who saw a similar event in another state and thought it would be a good fit for this area and St. Patrick’s Day.

Morrissey said they judged it a success and plan to hold a 2nd event next year, also coinciding with St. Patrick’s Day - hoping to establish this as a regular Jasper tradition.

More information on the ADay programs for Pickens and Reinhardt can be found at the college’s website,