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Progress writer Larry Cavender publishes fiery political book

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    The cover of Cavender's new book depicts an upturned world in the center with flames encroaching upon the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the American Flag. The book is written from the perspective of an average, everyday, middle class American, or "forgotten man."

     In our nation, where once scholars roamed the halls of academia, we now have socialists, anarchists, and even avowed terrorists donning professor's robes. In our nation, where people were once innocent until proven guilty, they are now found to be guilty, despite their innocence, by the prosecutorial

mainstream media and in the court of public opinion.  In our nation, where the anti-establishment of the 1960's and '70's have now become the establishment of the past three decades. 

In our nation, where once policemen and servicemen were revered and honored and criminals, thugs, and enemies were reviled and abhorred, now the reverse is true. In our nation, we now have people who kneel during the playing of our national anthem, yet fewer and fewer people are kneeling in prayer in our houses of worship. In our nation, where once the Judeo-Christian principles on which our nation was founded were valued and protected, our principles are being demeaned and attacked. Is this not the world turned upside down?


Reprinted from The World Turned Upside Down: A forgotten man's view 

of our fractured and upturned world by Larry Cavender


In his new book, local writer Larry Cavender confesses to be one of Donald Trump's "forgotten Americans," one of Hillary Clinton's "deplorables," and one of Barrack Obama's "clingers" who holds on to his guns and religion. He also admits, "I'm not a political pundit, nor a celebrity, nor even a best-selling author," but he adds, "That's the whole point for writing this book."

"I wanted to write a book from the perspective of an 'everyday man,' an average, middle class American who lives in the heartland, what liberal elites call 'flyover country.' There are so-called experts who express opinions on the state of our nation, but who speaks for the average American?"

His book covers many varied topics, but all with one common theme, what he believes to be the breakdown of American culture. Those topics include: The disrespect and antagonism shown to our brave law enforcement officers; the disrespect of our flag and national anthem by an ungrateful elite; the persecution of Christians (What he calls Christophobia.) in the United States and abroad; the bias against conservatives in the media and fake news; the pompous, intolerant attitude of Hollywood ideologues and their disdain for average Americans; the liberal indoctrination of students on our university campuses; and, the lack of accountability and punishment for law-breakers in high places including the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the Internal Revenue Service, among other topics.

With topics such as these, might this book have national implications? Cavender says, "I've had people in publishing circles tell me, 'This book could go places,' and I know many high-level Georgia politicians have taken note of my book." He adds, "With a couple of breaks and a little luck, who knows?" He also says, "It would be a dream-come-true if it does go national." Furthermore, he says, "It would be an even bigger dream-come-true if my little book finds its way to President Trump's desk, so he might know how the majority of average Americans feel about him and his agenda."

Signed copies of The World Turned Upside Down are on sale for $14.99 at the offices of the Pickens County Progress, 94 North Main Street, Jasper. The book may also be purchased in print or e-book format ($5.99) on-line at or

Note: The Pickens County Progress will print an excerpt from Cavender's new book in an upcoming edition.