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Sheriff’s office adds trucks to patrols

sheriff truck

One of the new trucks in the sheriff's fleet. 

The Pickens Sheriff office’s shift supervisors rolled out in Chevy trucks earlier this spring -- the first time the office has used trucks in their patrol fleet.

The office is using one Chevy 1500 truck per shift, primarily in a utility roll, driven by the shift supervisor. Sheriff spokesman Kris Stancil said they had recognized for years the need for vehicles that could be used to deliver pylons, barricades, remove items from a roadway or transport evidence.

The office has four of the four-wheel-drive trucks – one per shift. Each shift has four officers in the Ford Explorer patrol vehicle that the office began using several years ago.

In theory, there is a sixth officer on patrol in one of the aging Crown Victorias still in use, but Stancil said due to limited manpower they rarely have a full shift. Other Crown Vics are used for courthouse transportation and non-patrol duty. Most of these older vehicles have well over 200,000 miles on them, Stancil said.

The office switched to the Explorers after Ford quit producing Crown Vics. Stancil said they are fairly happy with the 16 Explorers they have, which were the most affordable of the pursuit vehicles available at the time and also the most fuel-efficient of the models they tested.

The basic Explorer with law enforcement outfitting driven by the Pickens Sheriff’s office cost $28,000 each. The Chevy trucks run $33,000, which is why they only use one per shift Stancil said. The vehicles are all funded through sales tax (SPLOST) collections.