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Two roundabouts on Hwy. 136 “a go”


Photo from GA DOT

Two roundabouts will be added to Highway 136 in the Blaine/Talking Rock area. Transportation officials say the research is clear, roundabouts are safer for motorists.

Groundbreaking is still two years away, but according to the Georgia Department of Transportation a project that will widen a portion of Highway 136 and add two new roundabouts is “a go.” 

One roundabout will be located in Blaine at the three-way “Y” intersection of Highway 136 and the Highway 136 Connector (location of Bart’s Bait & Tackle), and the other at a realigned intersection of Highway 136 and Old Highway 5/Ellijay Road. Total length of the project is 2.7 miles on Highway 136 between the 136 Connector and Highway 515.  

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Jeff Woodall
-8 #1 Jeff Woodall 2018-05-24 11:17
Spending 8 to 10 million Dolars for 1.37 6’6” Bicycle lane on either side of the road that goes no where.
In a rural farming community.
How does that improve road safety?

Do something about the excessive speed and distracted drivers .
Taking .31 of a acre of my property.
For this .
Plus I get to look at not one but Two retention ponds on my property!
Lynette Blackwell
-10 #2 Lynette Blackwell 2018-05-24 22:07
I hate roundabouts! I have to go through them every. single. day to go to work. Why are we getting them everywhere? As Jeff Woodall said, it's a rural farming community.

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