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Jasper on the hunt for leaks with 35 percent of water lost

water leak Schuyler Floyd Matchpoint


Damon Howell / Photo

Schuyler Floyd, of Matchpoint, demonstrates how he detects leaks in the water line with a special sound device.

       Mid-morning, Thursday June 7th, a crew with Matchpoint, a water loss management company recently hired by the city of Jasper, was evaluating one of the larger leaks they found in the city’s water system. 

Muddy water gushed out of a hole in the ground and down the driveway of a Refuge Valley Road home. David Gunderson of Matchpoint said this leak was easily detectible because it was visible to the naked eye, but to find leaks in the system that can’t be seen they use special sonar equipment such as ground mics and headphones that allow them to “hear” those leaks in the lines. 

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