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Peace, love, and “bust” at Rainbow Gathering 2018


It was just after twilight in a meadow where a bonfire and drum circle were swelling to life. A naked man with a didgeridoo appeared from nowhere. The slender 20-something asked my friend and I if we knew where his pants were (we did not), if we had noticed he was nude (we had), and if I was tripping (I was not). He proceeded to tell us about the Hindu goddess of death, Kali, who he said is taking over the world.  

In any other setting this encounter would be (understatedly) unexpected, but at a Rainbow Gathering I quickly learned rules of the modern world don’t apply. The goal of the Rainbow Family is simple, one many might call idealistic – come to nature to celebrate oneness, peace and love through community, music, dance, and meditation. It’s a place where, according to the Rainbow Gathering “mini-manual” handed out to participants, anyone with a bellybutton, no matter their race, religion or background, is welcome as long as there is shared love and respect “without anyone getting hurt.”

After a discussion with my editor we decided I should head out to the gathering, just 40 minutes from Jasper, to see what it was all about. 


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+5 #1 STFU 2018-07-30 11:40
Sounds like you were there. If so, why don't you write your own article?

If you weren't there, STFU!
-9 #2 ridiculous! 2018-07-30 11:48
Gee, you make it sound like a big, friendly event. It'd be nice if you just mentioned the deaths that happened,. the kidnapping, the violence, etc., that was evident in this, and past-year's events. Just look at the picture you supplied of that obviously-stone d (on meth, speed, all sorts of drugs) out of his mind loser. These people are the ones that ruin the even for the rest that truly come to celebrate in peace. Anyway, nice report, but you completely failed to give the whole story.

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