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Public encouraged to join zoning discussion



By Richard Osborne 

Planning & Development Director


The public is invited to attend a discussion meeting on county zoning and land uses on October 8 at 6 p.m. as part of the regularly-scheduled Pickens County Planning Commission. The meeting will be held in the Commissioners meeting room, 1266 E. Church St, Jasper.

The Board of Commissioners and Planning Commission have asked county staff and Northwest Georgia Regional Commission planners to conduct zoning & land use research and obtain input from stakeholders as

part of possible revisions to the land use (zoning) section, chapter 67, of the Pickens County Code of Ordinances. If you would like to review existing regulations, visit, click “Ordinances”, then select Chapter 67.

 County land use 

(zoning) info

-Pickens County adopted land use (zoning) districts and regulations in May 2005

-Approximately 18,392 parcels in unincorporated county

-AG (Agricultural): 1,724 parcels (9.37%); 10 approved rezonings to AG since 2005; minimum 10 acres lot size unless intra-family land transfer

-SA (Small Agricultural): 9 parcels (0.05%); 8 approved rezonings to SA since 2005; minimum 5 acres lot size

-ER (Estate Residential): 1 parcel (0.01%); 1 approved rezoning to ER since 2005; minimum 3 acres lot size

-RR (Rural Residential): 11,128 parcels (60.53%); 42 approved rezonings to RR since 2005; minimum 1.5 acres lot size

-SR (Suburban Residential): 376 parcels (2.04%); 16 approved rezonings to SR since 2005; minimum 1 acre lot size * (development subject to Environmental Health review/approval unless on sewer)

-UR (Urban Residential): 20 parcels (0.11%); 0 approved rezonings to UR since 2005; minimum 0.75 acre lot size * (development subject to Environmental Health review/approval unless on sewer)

-SPC (Special Planned Community): 0 parcels (0.00%); 0 approved rezonings to SPC since 2005; needs approved master plan

-SRPC (Suburban Residential Private Community): 4,390 parcels (23.87%); 5 approved rezonings to SRPC since 2005; needs approved master plan

-NC (Neighborhood Commercial): 63 parcels (0.34%); 4 approved rezonings to NC since 2005

-HB (Highway Business): 635 parcels (3.43%); 24 approved rezonings to HB since 2005

-I (Industrial): 46 parcels (0.25%); 0 approved rezonings to I since 2005

-Uses in land use (zoning) districts are either Permitted; require BOC Conditional use approval; or are Prohibited.

-Since 2005, BOC has approved 10 Conditional use applications for uses like special events facilities; warehouse distribution; and wholesale trade establishments.

We hope to see you on October 8 at 6 p.m. for the first discussion of possible revisions. 

Even if you can’t attend on October 8, there will be other meetings. Also, you are welcome to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , call 706-253-8852 with input, or come see me at the county building.