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Keep your ears open during bad weather, says commissioner


Commissioner Robert Jones and Fire Chief Bob Howard have urged citizens to keep informed with the latest weather developments in instances like last week’s winter conditions.
The county officials said they used their Code Red telephone alerts and local radio stations to give live updates on road conditions as well as shelter openings.
The county provided shelter to stranded motorists at training facilities in the county jail and with backup locations at fire stations throughout the county.
“It worked out well,” Jones said of the county response coordinated through the Emergency Operations Center.
Jones said they used the Code Red Alert system to initially warn motorists of the hazardous conditions. Then the  county relied on two local radio stations, WLJA (101.1 FM) and WYYZ (1490 AM) to provide later updates.
Jones encouraged all citizens to sign up for alerts with Code Red. You can sign up either at the county website ( by clicking on a link on the left hand side of the page or by calling 706-253-8911.
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