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Public housing going smoke free


         In advance of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) smoke free housing rule requiring all public housing to be smoke free by July 31, 2018, the American Lung Association in Georgia, with support from the Amerigroup Foundation, will offer quit smoking support for residents. Through the Smoking Cessation for Low Income Housing Residents initiative, the Lung Association will work with Public Housing Agencies and other local partners to provide smokers wanting to quit access to proven-effective tobacco cessation services such as Freedom From Smoking®.

Airport vandalism could bring hefty penalties

lights part0 12

New lights have been installed to replaced the damaged ones at the Pickens County Airport. Clear four-wheeler tracks were found on the property leading to the damaged lights.  

       Vandals left plenty of tracks at the Pickens County Airport, where $1,000 in damage was done to a string of runway lights - but the perpetrators have yet to be found. 

“This was willful vandalism,” said Pickens County Airport Manager Randy Thomason. “They rode in on what looks like a 4-wheeler and destroyed or stole 14 of our bases, bulbs and globes. There was glass all over the runway. It looks like they maybe kicked them over or hit them with something like a bat.”   

The event occurred on January 9th sometime before 7:15 p.m. when Thomason was initially notified. 

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Big Canoe facing serious problems with water system

       bc water meeting

      Big Canoe POA President Phil Anderson takes questions from homeowners regarding the state of their water system Saturday.

  Residents of the Big Canoe community gathered Saturday with their property owner association (POA) leaders, state     legislators and county officials to hear plans to address their water system – it was not good news.

   During the more than two-hour meeting, reports flowed of poorly maintained infrastructure, widespread outages; a confrontational situation with the private company that owns the system; a $5 million debt and homeowners questioning the quality of their tap water.

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Jasper Council violates state law with closed meeting


At a Jasper council meeting on Monday, Jan. 8, council entered into closed meeting without following state Sunshine Laws. 

The Progress sent notice Friday asking for all notes and the audio recording of the portion of the closed Jasper City Council meeting where the council deliberated on the mayor/city manager position.

During the January 8th meeting, Weaver was not re-appointed as city manager, a position he has held for more than two decades. Instead the council indicated they will appoint sitting council member Jim Looney as city manager for an interim period, while they interview for a permanent replacement. Looney’s appointment was delayed as questions arose about whether he needed to resign his council seat. It is expected to be taken up at the February meeting.

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