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County gets head start on icy winter roads

brine IMG 3740

Damon Howell / Photo


      The county was busy last Wednesday morning mixing the first batch of brine with their newly-installed equipment. The system will allow the county to produce their own salt solution in-house, which means they can make as much as they need to treat Pickens County roads before storms hit. In years past, brine would be trucked in from other counties— causing roads to ice over before it could be delivered. Director of Utilities Phillip Dean (pictured) said the new equipment makes it possible to get a jump on predicted storms as soon as they hit Alabama.

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Master Gardeners plant sale and Spring Fling Symposium coming in February



By Dee Boggus

Master Gardeners


It is that time of year again. Time to think of new ways to improve and beautify your outdoor surroundings. Successful landscaping can enhance the beauty of your own property and support local youth and organizations at the same time. How? Just purchase new landscaping and fruiting plants from the Master Gardener Program’s (MGP) 2019 Plant Sale starting February 4th and ending March 15th.  By doing so you will help fund a trip to 4H camp for local youth as well as supporting many local charitable organizations (like Habitat for Humanity).

This year local master gardeners have made a concerted effort to choose as many native (plants that originated in and are accustomed to our environment) and fauna attracting (including pollinators like bees and butterflies) varieties as possible for our 2019 sale. Long-lived perennials such as lenten rose and native azalea, beautiful hydrangea bushes, and native herbaceous perennials that

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Fatal crashes here the lowest in eight years



Georgia State Patrol Reports show fatal crashes in Pickens County were down 77 percent in 2018, the lowest number recorded in the last eight years. 

According to GSP statistics, there were nine fatalities in 2017 and just two county-wide in 2018. 

GSP handles all vehicle fatalities in Pickens County. 

GSP Post #28 Commander Tim Nichols said it is difficult to determine the reason of the decrease, and noted it is too early to tell the impact of Georgia’s new hands-free driving law, which went into effect on July 1.  

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Society wants to make history vital Pickens Historical Society wants to see Old Jail become new draw

appalchian heritage night speakers

Woodbridge owner Dwight Henderson (left) and Bill Cagle, president of the Pickens Historical Society, discuss local history at the Appalachian Heritage Night Friday.

At Appalachian Heritage Night, speaker Bill Cagle, president of the Pickens Historical Society, unveiled plans for the re-energized group to be “more vital in the community.”

Cagle said Friday that the society has some ambitious plans to showcase the area’s unique past with some lively events. The group, formerly named the Marble Valley Historical Society, is most widely known as caretakers of the Old Jail on Main Street.

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Long hours, ‘tons of tips’ solve numerous burglaries

wanted andrew flowers

        Photo from Flowers’ FaceBook, supplied by Pickens Sheriff

        Andrew Flowers is wanted for the theft of an ATV earlier this year -- one of several burglaries solved after a flood of tips to the sheriff’s office. 

        Sheriff Donnie Craig said Tuesday that beginning in late November the flood-gate bust open with tips that have led to the arrest of several people involved with at least three different burglary operations.

“We would be taking information and thinking this doesn’t seem right, then realize it was a whole new case we were getting leads on,” he said. “It was pretty awesome for us. We were getting a ton of tips with a ton of people helping us and that is how we solve cases and get things done.”

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