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Staying safe while hunting deer from a tree stand


        Statistics each year reveal that almost half of all hunting incidents are due to falls or other safety issues with tree stands, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division.    

Following are recommended tips for keeping you safe while utilizing tree stands for hunting:

•When using a non-climbing portable or ladder stand, hunters should securely fasten the stand to the tree and install ladders or steps according to the manufacturer’s directions.

•Hunters should ALWAYS wear a Fall-Arrest System (FAS)/Full Body Harness during ascent and descent.  Be aware that single strap belts and chest harnesses are no longer recommended and should not be used.  Failure to use a FAS could result in serious injury or death. 

Milestones scores a mixed bag


         Georgia Milestones scores from the 2016-2017 school year have been released by the Georgia Department of Education. While there are many areas where Pickens County students improved over last year, scores were a hit and miss when it came to beating the state average.

The scores are from 2017 spring End of Grade tests. 

Last school year was the third time students took the Georgia Milestones test, which replaced the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT). Georgia Milestones scores are used to assess the mastery of Georgia Performance Standards.

     See full story including comments from the Pickens County School admnistratiors in this week's print or online editions. 



Haven’s Helpers wanted for girl with rare disorders

“She  asked why God sent her back to me, and I said, ‘I guess He thought I needed you,” says mom. ‘Yeah, that’s what I thought, too,’  says  6-year-old with serious health problems 



Jessica Davis / Photo

Single mom Jessica Davis with her “36 pounds of personality,” Haven Sims. The Pickens Community Service Club has launched a Haven’s Helpers fundraising campaign  for Haven Sims, who suffers from a long list of medical conditions. Follow Haven’s progress on Facebook at “Haven the Mighty.” You can donate on their GoFundMe page or send it to the adress listed below. 


    Some people coast through life with no major struggles, but others are faced with challenges that seem insurmountable. 

     Jessica Davis and her six-year-old daughter Haven Sims have to deal with a set of challenges most people couldn’t imagine and a local service club is asking the community to help the family.  

“Ginormous” gift will let blind student check out books

 Educators  go above and beyond to get braille books at JMS 



photo/Angela Reinhardt

Cherokee High School Media Specialist Anne Nechvatal, left, and Jasper Middle School Media Specialist Mary Perdue with 6th grader Charlee Ray. Charlee, who is blind, now has dozens of braille books thanks to the efforts of educators in the Cherokee and Pickens school systems.  

Jasper Middle School student Charlee Ray was visibly excited as a media specialist from Cherokee County unboxed braille books she’ll now be able to check out from the library.

“This is so awesome,” Charlee said as her fingers ran across the title pages – “A Dog Called Kitty” by Bill Wallace; a historical fiction series about the Titanic; “Fluffy Meets the Tooth Fairy,” and more. “They’re ginormous,” she told the librarians with a big cheshire grin. 

End of the road for triple-wide


County crews demolish a triple-wide trailer at the county airport  Tuesday — the conclusion of a saga that began at Roper Park months ago. The triple-wide previously served as the home of the Boys & Girls Club for the county and sat in the park. When the club built their permanent facility, the county was initially going to have the trailer hauled away as scrap, but there was some thought it could be used as a temporary base for the airport.