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Man loses leg in hit-and-run motorcycle crash

Driver arrested for fleeing scene


A “man’s man” - Craig Wooten before the crash that took his leg.

Texting from ICU at Grady Hospital, Kim Fitts said the only reason her father is alive is because of Good Samaritans who kept him from bleeding out on the side of the road.

“He lost his leg six inches above the knee. It’s a hard time, but he's alive so I'll take that,” Fitts said. “If it hadn't been for the nurse that lived [near] the scene, the surgeon said he would have died 100% for sure. We are thankful.”

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What do people not like here? Lack of entertainment #1 gripe

Planning survey shows small town feel a desired trait


Survey Results: What kind of place would you like Pickens County to be in 20 years? In this “word cloud” graphic the size of word reflects the number of responses. 


Pickens County has begun the year-long process of updating their Joint Comprehensive Plan, with a recent public survey revealing concerns about the county’s future and suggestions planners say will be valuable. 

Members of the public have been asked to participate in the state-mandated process. Pickens County Planning & Development Director Richard Osborne has called the plan a “general vision for the future,” and said it could impact issues like zoning, emergency management planning, ordinances and public safety. The plan must be completely updated every 10 years for the county to be eligible for certain grants and funding. 

More steps needed for field sobriety test to be admitted as evidence, says Supreme Court





Under an opinion by the Supreme Court of Georgia, the program that provides tax exemptions to those who contribute to scholarships for students to use at private schools, including religious schools, will remain in place.

With today’s decision, the high court has unanimously upheld a Fulton County court ruling that says taxpayers who challenged the program as unconstitutional had no standing, or right, to bring their constitutional challenge.

Investigators continue looking for motive and suspect in deadly Canton shootings

Police say, "this was not a random shooting and

multiple person(s) were involved."

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From Canton Police

UPDATE: Police Detectives are continuing around the clock to investigate leads as a result of the investigation and those that have come in from our community. We have been able to determine that this was not a random shooting and multiple person(s) were involved in the incident.

Detectives are persistent in their effort to establish a motive in the case and the roles of each person who was shot the night of the crime.

Auditors: Pickens has ‘very low debt’


        An audit of the Pickens County FY 2016 budget shows increasing cash reserves and low debt compared to other counties of similar size.

         The audit, performed by Bates, Carter & Associates, also shows five negative findings that required action by county leaders.     

In a presentation to county commissioners, Beth Grimes, audit partner with the firm, discussed a summary of their findings. Grimes applauded the county for improving its financial position over the last few years. 

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