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A snapshot of Pickens’ veteran population

Learn more about our veterans in a special online data story





Click on the image above to link to the full online infographic. 

     The Veterans Administration recently announced it will open a clinic in Pickens County to provide medical services to veterans here and in surrounding areas. We thought it was worthwhile to take a look at the local veteran population and how it compares to other county, state, and national populations.  

     Using estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2011-2015 American Community Survey, Lisa Schnellinger of NearMedia LLC  developed interactive digital graphics about Pickens County veterans, which can be found at These graphics include information about the veteran population size, education, salary, unemployment, disability and period of service.

American Community Survey data is an estimate, but is the most accurate and current information available for counties with small populations. The graphics include only data that is statistically significant when considering the margin of error.

Man who killed two-year-old girl to stay in prison for life, no parole, rules Supreme Court



A man convicted of killing his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter in Effingham County will remain in prison for life with no chance of parole under an opinion today by the Supreme Court of Georgia.

While Kevin Johnson argued that the evidence was insufficient to support his murder conviction, a unanimous court has found otherwise. “Contrary to Johnson’s contention, the evidence was plainly sufficient to enable a rational trier of fact to find beyond a reasonable doubt that Johnson was guilty of the crimes of which he was convicted,” Justice Britt C. Grant writes in today’s opinion.

Fall webworm nests popping up everywhere


Fall webworms place their webs on the end of branches of hardwood trees in late summer and fall.


They aren’t  spider webs that many say could indicate the type of winter we’re likely to have. No, indeed, all those webbed nests everyone’s been seeing in trees for the past few weeks belong to fall webworms.

According to County Extension Agent Rachel Wigington, fall webworms are caterpillars that turn into moths. And while she said they aren’t indicative of future weather, they are proof that we had a mild winter last year.

“The reason we are seeing so many right now is because we had such a mild winter and their population wasn’t (lost) with severe cold,” she said. 

Tater Patch’s Man of LaMancha opens this week


Kenneth Farmer / Photo

An ill Don Quixote (Alex Nawrocki) surrounded by (L-R) The Padre (Lamar Swindull), The Governor (Gary Boyles), The Housekeeper (Chelsea Walker), Dr. Carrasco (Charlie Cleneay) and his niece Antonia (Susan Gooch).


By Pat Jewell

Tater Patch Players

Get your tickets now for the Tater Patch Players presentation of Man of LaMancha. You can go to and select your date and seat.  The show opens Friday, August 11 at 7:30 p.m. Other show dates to choose from are August 12, 18, 19, 25, & 26 at 7:30 and August 20 and 27 at 2 p.m.  The theater is located at 95 Philadelphia Lane in Jasper.

Man of LaMancha brings a wide variety of feelings.  You will find despair, love, hatred, humor, and most of all, hope. The setting is a dungeon during the Spanish Inquisition. It is stark and dreary, as dungeons tend to be. Hopeless people watch as two new prisoners arrive.  With the two comes  life, fantasy, dreams and love. The prisoners are given a reprieve from everyday drudgery and dread for a

GOP clarifies senior tax exemption ballot stance

       The local Republican Party clarified their stance on the options for an increased senior property tax exemption, noting they will hold several public comment sessions and work to develop a consensus on the wording before putting it on the May primary ballot for a non-binding straw poll vote.

       Pickens GOP Chairman William Bell said on August 1 that he wanted to clarify on behalf of the group that the GOP is not endorsing the Seniors for Change plan to give seniors an increased exemption on their school taxes, but that they are working to be sure the seniors group has access to the ballot to present their issue.

     See full story in this week's print or online editons.              

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