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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: 

My children attend Pickens County schools and I had some questions and concerns about the press release on quarantine for the 2021/2022 school year. I spent all day Friday trying to get the school board to call me back about my concerns. Finally, on Monday I got several calls back where no one at the school board could answer any of my concerns which include, but aren’t limited to, whether or not a child would be counted absent for quarantine or not. I finally got a call back from Mr. Tony Young after already talking to Gail Smith, Anita Walker, and Destiny Shope with no answers to any concerns I had. Mr. Young informed me that yes our children will be counted absent if we choose to keep them home for quarantine, he also told me that the health department/public health has declared that quarantine doesn’t work. The people I talked to at the health department contradict what Mr.Young told me. The health department told me they are advising quarantine for any and all exposed people no matter the age group…The health department also informed me that they aren’t offering vaccines for children under 12 as of yet. So my concern is my children can’t be vaccinated and can’t be absent. How exactly is the county keeping our kids safe here?

Phallan Collins 


To the Editor:

I’m not sure if hypersonic missiles or Iran’s drones have a chance of first strike capability. If so, or if some countries will think so, and/or don’t fear a second strike, then we need to take preventative steps. The same applies to nuclear weapons (with or without these,) and perhaps even poison gas.

If there is a chance of conquest by China, Iran, or North Korea—or a chance of destruction by any of those countries or by Russia, we need a freeze on new missiles and/or weapons of those sorts; there should be immediate inspection of any suspicious sites in order to verify this. (If they don’t fear a second strike, or would furnish to terrorists, we need to have them dismantle what they already have—again with immediate inspection.)..


To the Editor:

Wreck Them Both

There is a movement in this country to do two things.  Kill off Christianity and refound the USA.

The United States and Christianity do not move in lockstep.  But they are both grounded in a vision that believes we can become something better everyday.  We will never reach perfec-tion but we must aim at it and realize we will fall short. Both are the story of that struggle to try.

The New Liberal Progressives are exactly like the communists under Stalin and Mao.  They only see the failings and short comings of Christianity and of the United States.  They repeat-edly point to the egregious failures of the past.   They are focused on what was and the evil that it carried with it. Slavery.  The denial of women to vote and to lead.  The destruction of the Indian tribes and the taking of their lands. An attitude of exclusion.  Those are the only facts of history they talk about.

The other facts are that without the gentling vision of Christianity, the aspirations of the Decla-ration of Independence, the balanced structure of government of our Constitution, our country could have looked much different. We might not have emerged from that beginning to be the best country of the world.  Without the United States, Stalins and Hitlers and Maos and Bin Ladins might today govern the whole world. 

The New Liberal Progressives want perfection now.  And the only way they see to get that perfection is to scrap all that has come before, erase it from memory, and put in some new age of righteousness run by  ----Them.   They are crazy.  Every one of us must speak out and remove those people from positions from which they can effect their totalitarian vision on us.

We need to do that with our votes well before we are sacrificed in the fires of their failed ideas.

Gary Pichon



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