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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

I have often heard of the great teachers and school building at Pickens County Training School, later renamed Tri-City School. There should be an area at Pickens High School to recognize Tri-City School. There is memorabilia that recognizes Pickens County High School (the school before Tate and PCHS consolidated in 1957) I recently learned the trophies, plaques, and other memorabilia from Tri-City were disposed of during the move at Pickens High School to the new campus. If the aforementioned statement is true, a real discard for our history and culture occurred. Even with the probable loss of these artifacts, hopefully a tribute to Pickens County Training School and Tri-City School will come to fruition.


Justin Davis


To the Editor:

Observing the proposed voting restrictions you’re considering that are to correct a problem that doesn’t exist except in the mind and mouth of our ex-president, I’m concerned about my vote. I still haven’t seen how my mail in ballot proof documents are going to be secured. First I’ll have to find a copier and pay for the copy of my drivers license. .then risk it getting...


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