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On rain, being active and the upcoming prayer breakfast

A shout out to our public works crews

If it seems like it has been raining all the time in 2020, it has. According to records, as of Sunday, in Atlanta 14 inches of rain has fallen since the new year started. This was eight inches in January and six inches already in February. Historical averages show somewhere between four and four and half inches of rain each month as normal.

So, at this point we are seeing almost twice as much rain as normal and averaging three “build an ark” jokes everyday over the same period. 

There is some luck and fortune involved, but thus far Pickens and Jasper’s infrastructure remains in good shape despite the excessive rain and we believe a portion of credit must go to our public works crews of the county and cities.

Both Pickens and Jasper have reported some extra maintenance work and the county has a problem on Whitestone Road, but, so far, we’ve been spared any massive problem such as seen in previous years --  Jones Mountain Road, Cove Road, industrial building roof collapsing.

We certainly don’t want to jinx this luck and weather is fickle and capable of lashing out any time, but the good shape we find ourselves in with seven of the rainiest weeks anyone can remember surely starts with the guys who keep the banks mowed, trees cut, ditches cleaned and gravel roads scraped. Having things in good order allows the ground to handle the rain better – though nothing can stop Mother Nature if she really gets mean.

Our public crews don’t get credit enough when things go right. So here’s a tip of the hat and nod of appreciation to them for having us in good shape after such bad weather.  Not to mention, putting our brine system to work with the only snow event thus far in 2020.


Prayer ceremony, King visit sets fine tone for politics today


What a great idea the local ministerial association had with their prayer breakfast, February 26 featuring Dr. Alveda King. Heading into a heated political season, both locally and nationally, getting everyone together for a community-wide prayer is a great role for our church leaders. Disagreement is natural in all politics; why run for office if you agree with the person you are seeking to replace? But, a civil tone, especially for local races, is a noble goal for the association of pastors to encourage.

We hope this event is well-attended and those in attendance take the message to heart. See ad on page 7A.


Get active, again


Last week we had an editorial encouraging people to be active both mentally and physically, particularly seniors. In some discussion afterwards we would like to add a couple of follow-up points. 

One person responded that getting active is something many people can’t afford. Not so, we contend. Walking at parks, including the wonderful Talking Rock Nature Preserve trails and Eagle’s Rest Park on Monument Road, is free. A minimal, less than $50, investment in cheap fishing gear would allow you to explore the trout streams of north Georgia or spend a day on the banks at Carters Lake, and fishing licenses are free for seniors. For even more relaxed economical pursuits, the library offers plenty of books to read for free, classes and occasional chess groups. And these are just two examples that sprang to mind for cheap outings.

Secondly, whether you are in great, fair or horrible shape, you can find something to suit your condition. We didn’t intend you start by training for a marathon or hiking the Appalachian Trail, we just meant in last week’s editorial to get outside and get some fresh air, preferably in the company of interesting people.

Let’s hope it dries out some and we can all get outside.