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Trump wins big in Pickens

voting-pinIn Tuesday’s presidential preference primary, Donald Trump was the clear choice in Pickens County, taking 3,360 (48 percent) of the 6,987 Republicans ballots cast.

            Ted Cruz finished second with 1,570 votes (22.4 percent) and Rubio third with 1,330 (19 percent). Trailing far behind in Pickens were Ben Carson (4.9 percent) and John Kasich (4.3 percent).

            The Democrats saw a slightly closer race with Hillary Clinton finishing first with 53 percent of the 811 ballots cast to Bernie Sanders’ 45 percent of the Democrat votes.

            In all, there was a large turnout in Pickens County with 50.9 percent of the active voters going to the polls or voting in the early election.

            Elections Supervisor Julianne Roberts said the election ran smoothly with Pickens being one of the first counties to report to the state. The only problem she noted was that a large number of people continue to show up at the elections office on Pioneer Road to vote on Election Day, but that office is only the polling place for early voting. All voters must vote at their registered polling spot on Election Day.

            Roberts said people will vote early for several elections in a row and become accustomed to coming to the main office for all voting.

See complete results at the Secretary of State website.