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West Price Creek Road closed after bridge deemed unsafe

bridge-at-price-creek-rd-west    The county says they are on the “fast track” to get West Price Creek Road reopened.
    A stretch of West Price Creek Road has been closed after a bridge over a stream was judged to be unsafe last week.
    The bridge, located about .5 miles from Highway 136, was closed Friday after DOT engineers advised the county it appeared unsafe for further vehicle use.

    The damage was not visible while driving across the bridge. But from the side, it was easy to see the reason for concern with a growing hole where the bank had washed away, leaving asphalt with little support beneath.
    The county’s deputy EMA director said no homes are completely shut off as East Price Creek Road and Trout Farm Road can serve as detours.
    Deputy EMA Director Rodney Buckingham estimated 15-20 homes would be inconvenienced by taking “a longer loop around.”
    Buckingham said the damage to the bridge was noticed last week. The county believes the majority of the damage actually occurred during December 24th flooding with some more recent erosion adding to the woes of the small bridge.
    “We thought it didn’t look good so we asked the DOT to have engineers take a look and they advised closing it,” said Buckingham.
    The county expects to have the first of several bridge repair contractors offer estimates this week.
    “We are fast-tracking everything to get this replaced as quickly as possible,” Buckingham said. “We know this is creating stress on nearby roads as well as the traveling public in that area.”
    Buckingham said until he has heard from bridge repair contractors, he could not offer any estimate on how long the work might take to reopen the bridge.
    This is the only bridge on a county road known to have any serious concerns, according to Buckingham. He said they routinely look at the bridges on county routes and get reports from the state on the bridges along state routes.