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Annual Master Gardener 4-H plant sale for dummies and everyone else


    4-Hers and Master Gardeners load up plants from a previous sale. The sale runs through March 16 with plants available April 9 this year.

By Suellen Reitz
Master Gardeners Publicity

    One of the latest crazes are those publications written for “dummies”.  I always hesitate to buy one since I don’t like to admit my shortcomings, but at times they come in handy. Pickens County Master Gardener’s don’t have a  Planting for Dummies book but we have something better - an answer to your plant questions for free!


    Many folks never venture into gardening because of their “brown thumb” ability to kill everything without trying. As a trainee in the Pickens County Master Gardner Program, I can assure you that anyone can grow plants with the proper knowledge. And that is where the master gardener’s work begins…. To help you know exactly what you need to make that new plant not only grow, but to thrive.
    Some of the most beautiful plants of Georgia with over 120 different varieties are currently being offered through the Pickens County Master Gardner Program and the County 4-H members. These plants are selected for their ability to survive in our North Georgia climate and clay heavy soils. Choose from a variety of fruit, ornamental and native plants of the north Georgia area. The prices are right with selections not offered elsewhere.
    Sale for all plants will end March 16. Plant pick up behind Jasper Middle School will be on Saturday April 9 from 8:30 – noon and Monday, April 11 from 5 – 7 p.m.
    Order forms are available at the Extension Office or can be downloaded from internet at
    Go to the site and click on catalog to see the plant and learn more of its preferred growing conditions. All orders must be prepaid with check, cash or money order.
    With spring just around the corner, it is a perfect time to start thinking about planning what you want to grow, be it in raised beds, pots or in the ground. There are several key points that are necessary to insure success. And it starts with location!
    Is your desired planting area sunny or shaded? What about drainage ability? The type of soil is also important. Some plants like blueberries prefer very acidic soil. Others are more neutral or alkaline prone. The same is true with sun loving or shade loving plants. 
    Thankfully, you don’t have to become a horticulturist or study endless publications to know what the right solution is.  We are a phone call away and are happy to assist you. Pickens County Extension Office number is 706-253-2016.
    Once you know and have corrected needed soil requirements, it’s all about proper light and watering. Most of us overwater our plants.     
    Don’t miss this great opportunity for making your spring and summer more beautiful with plants.
    There will be several master gardeners and 4-H members on hand at the barn behind Jasper Middle School to help you load your plants.
     So forget about that brown thumb….And let’s go plant something green!