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Spring Equinox Hootenanny planned at Eagle’s Rest Park

hootenanny-gordon-griffeth   The Bent Tree Strings will perform as part of the upcoming celebration on at Eagle’s Rest Park on Monument Road.

    Mt. Oglethorpe, GA…The Bent Tree Strings, playing their dulcimers, will create a mountain hootenanny, with you singing along on March 20th at Eagle’s Rest Park, which sits at the end of Monument Road. The Equinox celebration begins at 2 p.m.

    Eagle’s Rest Park has changed since the dulcimers filled the air with their happiness.  
    Since July 2014, the park has added two more viewing decks…for scenic views of the Appalachian Chain marching north and the southern Piedmont Plateau that leads into Atlanta, with Stone Mountain to the East and Kennesaw Mountain to the West.
    The Stone Eagle continues to emerge from the south face of the mountain.  A white marble sundial has been created for the eagle’s white head.  White marble will be used to create the eagle’s tail, which will function also as a stage for future events.
    Visitors to the park are encouraged to continue building the stone eagle, it’s an on-going project that will involve visitors to the park for years into the future.
    Soup for the needy…as before, bring canned goods to the mountain…to be distributed by CARES of Pickens County.