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Not Cool: Ice cream driver arrested



Press Release Cherokee County Sheriff's Office - Cherokee Sheriff’s detectives arrested an ice cream truck driver Thursday night who remains in custody at Cherokee Adult Detention Center. Joseph Heath Wade, 30 years old of Canton, was charged with False Report of a Crime and Giving a False Statement after he reported to deputies on Monday afternoon that he was robbed at gunpoint by 4 black males while sitting in his ice cream truck at a church parking lot on Reinhardt College Parkway in Canton. Wade reported to deputies that the

approximately $500.00 -$600.00 stolen was proceeds from ice cream sales.
     Detectives made contact with the owner of the ice cream company and discovered that a significant amount of ice cream was missing from the truck Wade had been driving and that Wade had been fired from the company earlier in the week. While interviewing Wade yesterday afternoon he admitted to detectives he made up the story about the robbery. Wade claimed the missing money was used to pay the drug debt of another person.
     Wade remains in custody with a $12,200.00 bond.