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At 453 pounds, blind man faces tough decision on weight loss

“I want to be here when I’m 50 for my wife and my daughter”

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Scott Rumery was blinded by a condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa, but when weighing in at nearly a quarter ton his blindness is the least of his worries. Scott is pictured with wife Bronwyn and their guide dog.

    Five years ago, Scott and Bronwyn Rumery opened up to the Progress about what life is like for a blind couple. In anticipation of creating a support group they talked a little about the dark side – the anxiety and depression that can accompany it.

    But as a couple that maintains humor and wit to the point that they’ve got a motto - “Laugh, no matter what happens” - they spent most of the interview shedding light on misconceptions about blind people. They wanted readers to know they could be approached in social settings, and tried to enlighten people about unexpected tasks the blind can accomplish, like shopping, and their favorite - going for walks around town with guide dogs Jadyn and Duke.
    Things aren’t the same anymore.
    Scott, who has ballooned to 453 pounds, can’t even walk from the bathroom to the living room without getting out of breath.

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