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Nominate most littered road in county for KPB's Operation Clean Sweep


Submitted by Al Rothe of KPB
    Each year during the month of April, Keep Pickens Beautiful (KPB) participates in the Great American Clean-up. The Great American Clean-up is sponsored by our parent organization, Keep America Beautiful. During April, KPB sponsors and encourages local events to help make our community more beautiful. This year KPB will kick off a brand new event; “Operation Clean Sweep.”

    “Operation Clean Sweep” will be a community effort to address the most littered roadway in our county. We are asking you to nominate what you believe to be the most littered stretch of roadway in the county.  KPB will review the nominations and pick one roadway for a concentrated litter pick-up campaign for Saturday April 16th. On April 16th, KPB will ask members of the community to join KPB Volunteers in a “Clean Sweep” of the chosen road.  KPB will provide bags and refreshments. We will gather the bags of litter and transport them to the Recycle Center on Camp Road. Volunteers will be rewarded with a memento of the event. You will also earn a sense of accomplishment in making our county more beautiful. 
    You may be aware that KPB sponsors the Adopt-A-Road program. We have many volunteers who adopt a portion of a road and commit to pick up litter at least twice a year. We are going to encourage all those volunteers to support “Operation Clean Sweep” by attending to their adopted road on April 16th.  We hope to see many volunteers out picking up litter on this date.
    Sheriff Donnie Craig is a great ally in KPB’s efforts to beautify Pickens County. He allows inmates from the County Detention Center to pick up litter. I know everyone has seen these men gathering litter from our roads and highways. We are grateful to those who volunteer for this duty and to Sheriff Craig for allowing this effort and for providing a Deputy to supervise the clean-up.
    “Operation Clean Sweep” is a new effort to go along with these ongoing efforts to keep our roads free from litter. If you have a road to submit for Operation Clean Sweep, contact KPB by phone or by Email. You can also leave a post on our Facebook page to nominate a road.   KPB will review the nominations and pick a “winner” to be the object of a crew of volunteers to pick up litter.
    The deadline for nominations will be April 8th at Noon. If weather permits, we will “Clean Sweep” the chosen road on Saturday April 16th. Our plan will be for all volunteers to meet at the First Baptist Church parking lot at noon where we will carpool to the site. It is expected that with travel time and clean-up, “Operation Clean Sweep” should last approximately two to three hours. Depending on interest from the community we may have to limit the number of volunteers that we can have on the side of the chosen roadway.
    We look forward to your nominations and your participation in “Operation Clean Sweep”. Our phone number is 706-253-3600 and our email ID is:          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can find us on facebook at: or simply search for KPB- Keep Pickens Beautiful. Please  leave your name, phone number and the location of the roadway you are nominating. If you want to volunteer to work on April 16th please leave your name and phone number. Look for further details in the Pickens Progress or on our website: and on our facebook page. We hope to hear from a lot of you here in Pickens County.