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Jasper Farmers Market to Open April 2

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New Vendors Welcome




By Darla Huffman


  Have you ever thought that you might like to be a vendor at the farmers market? Do you have a hobby or a talent that you would like to share with others? Try out a possible business venture? Family project to earn some fun money?  Or just make new friends, support community and do something different?


It is easy to get started as a vendor at the Jasper Farmers Market. The first thing to do is make sure what you want to sell is acceptable. Every thing sold must be homemade or homegrown. There are some gray areas so if you have any doubts ask. The final determination is with the Market Manager and Committee.  If you have never been to the JFM it is a good idea to go and talk to the manager and see what other people are selling.  And maybe get some ideas if you haven’t decided what to sell.


 Homegrown garden vegetables and fruits are the most popular market item but the list of other things that sell successfully is long and diverse.  Just a sample would include honey, eggs, live poultry and animals, live plants, baked goods, crafts of all types (fiber, wood, clay, metal, jewelry) art (painting, wall hangings, stained glass) and many more.  There are new things every week and the creativity and variety is part of what makes the market so much fun.


When you are ready to sell at the market, have your table, tent, display cases or what ever it is you need to show your product to the public all packed in your vehicle (or just sell it from the back of your truck) just head out and get there preferably before 7:30.  The market manager, Jenny Fellenbaum, will give you some paperwork (not much) to fill out and help you find a place to park.  Later she will come and collect your $3.  (Yes, only $3 per market).  If you need help you can ask anyone. It’s a very friendly market. 


A Few Vendor Tips


Signage is more important than you might think.  They don’t have to be fancy, just legible. You could have your children make them.  Have every thing priced and identified.


Make friends with your customers. People are more likely to buy from their friends.  Ask if they have any questions about your product.


  Like the rest of life, attitude is important.  Smile, be patient, expect success, and have a good time.


The Jasper Farmers Market opens April 2 for the 17th consecutive season and is open every Saturday through October, except July 4 celebration and Marble Festive. See complete calendar online, Facebook page (Jasper Farmers Market).  See the rules at www.pickensmg. The farmers market is a project of the Pickens County Master Gardeners.  For more information call the county agents office at 706-253-8840