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Ed B’s sculpture takes Best in Show at Atlanta airport


    Visitors to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport will see work from Pickens artist Ed Brackin on display, including his Best in Show winner “The Saxman.” 

Jasper-based artist Ed Brackin - owner of Ed B’s Studio 54 - hit the right note with “The Saxman,” his metal sculpture that was selected as Best in Show for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport’s National Arts Program Employee Art Exhibit.

    Brackin said his art bee-bopped its way into the airport display after a Delta employee visited his downtown Jasper art gallery. He was later contacted by a representative of the airport’s art program and two of his pieces were selected for the show.
    “After they called I did some research and most of the work on display were paintings, so I asked if they were sure they wanted these, but they loved them,” Brackin said. “I wanted Saxman to be in so badly, because if you look at his suitcase there are magnets from places he’s been and a love letter [my wife] wrote me when we were dating. It’s all to show his life and all the places he’d traveled.”
    Brackin was out of town visiting family when he found out “The Saxman” was selected as Best in Show from over 250 other pieces.
     “I was ecstatic,” he said. “I was at my mom’s reading through emails and got the one that told me it won. I couldn’t believe it, out of all those entries.”
    In the email, the airport art director said judges were impressed with Brackin’s art and “very pleased to have it on display here at the airport.”
    “The Saxman” will be available for viewing in the Gallery T Cases through June 15.    
    As Best in Show, Brackin will receive a $300 cash prize that will be awarded at a ceremony on Wednesday, April 27.