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Boat raffle part of Joy House banquet

Drift Boat Maiden Voyage18

This drift boat handmade by two craftsmen and the youth of the Joy House program will be raffled to raise money at the Joy House's 15th year anniversary on April 19th. Tickets are still available and will support future projects like this. Buy $50 ticket online, put Drift Boat in donation line and a ticket will be sent to you.


   The Bible is filled with stories of boats and fish, so it is appropriate that the youth in the Joy House program got a dose of hands-on woodworking skills and life lessons centered on their involvement with the construction of a classic drift boat.


   The boat, which was on display last year, will be given away at a raffle drawing during the April 19th banquet for the Joy House, a Christian program dedicated to restoring teens and families. The Joy House program also offers a residential school and additional counseling for adults and teens.


            Founder Steve Lowe said a friend of the Joy House, Rick Cortis, organized the drift boat project in the winter of 2014. The young men of the program regularly went to the Blue Ridge workshop of Tim Petraroi to “create not just a boat but a work of art.”

            The boys working along side the two men completed the handmade boat in the spring of 2015 and have since used the boat (a popular design among trout anglers) to try their hand on the Toccoa River.

            Lowe said the boys were very positively influenced working under the tutelage of two Christian men and “are proud to know that they had a part in making the incredibly beautiful boat.”

            Working with young men in general, “is about developing a relationship and having an activity to be working on. Boys need to be doing something.”

            The boat, which is valued at over $5,000, will be raffled to benefit the Joy House and fund future projects for the kids in the program. Lowe said he is not sure if another boat will be in the works, but believes this type of project is beneficial to kids aged 12-17 in the program.

            The raffle drawing will be April 19th at the Joy House Annual banquet at Sharp Top Cove. The raffle tickets are $50 and you do not have to be present to win the boat. The banquet is free to attend.

            This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Joy House. The Christian program will unveil a new capitol campaign, where they seek to expand their counseling program and add another girls home to their campus, near the entrance to Bent Tree on Cove Road.

            The Joy House currently has one home that can house 8 boys and another for 8 girls, plus a full school. They offer counseling in an additional building and in satellite locations in Ellijay and Canton.

            Lowe said there has been an unprecedented spike in requests for help and admissions, particularly with young women. Lowe is not sure of the cause, but in the past year, he said the number of calls for help has shot up tremendously.

            “If we had another girls home open, we could fill it immediately,” he said. “I have calls and referrals all the time. There are not nearly as many options and places for girls. The Joy House is one of the few that has a home environment, which many people want for girls.”

            The program typically runs 12-18 months for teens at the Joy House and requires active participation from the entire family.

            For information on the banquet or to support the Joy House see,

            Tickets on the boat can be bought online

• Available online at

Click Make a Donation and put Drift Boat Raffle in Donation Note

Ticket will be sent you by e-mail

• Available by mail at The Joy House

P.O. Box 247

Jasper, Georgia 30143 

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• Available at front desk of Pickens Progress on Main Street.