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PHS presents "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" this Friday, Saturday



The PHS Theatre Department is presenting the Broadway musical You're a Good Man Charlie Brown April 15th at 7 PM and April 16th at 3 PM and 7 PM.

By Tom DiPuma
Parent Volunteer
PHS Theatre

    He is not Rocky Balboa. He is not Cal Ripken, Jr. He is obviously not Captain America. Of all those iconic heroes, Charlie Brown, suffers the worst of fates miseries, gets knocked down again and again, yet still gets up for more, every time, even without chiseled abs or a rock hard chin.

    Does he have super endurance and Major League longevity? No. He doesn't have super soldier formula coursing throughout or a vibranium shield. So how does he get up? Day after day, time after time?
    Charles Schultz explains it best in a conversation between Linus and Charlie Brown. Linus says, "I guess it's wrong to always be worrying about tomorrow, maybe we should only think about today."  Charlie Brown interjects "No, that's giving up..."  Then the message that sinks the putt to win the match. The half-court shot to win tournament. The walk off home run message that is Charlie Brown.  He says "I'm still hoping yesterday will get better."
    Winston Churchill told England they would, Never ever, ever, ever give up. He, it seems, like Charlie Brown had armor better than Iron Mans, strength greater than the Hulk, determination and endurance to outlast Rocky and Ripken. Optimism is the super power and the Peanuts stand undeterred still running to this day in the pages of the comics.  
    The PHS Theatre Department, as you may know, is presenting the Broadway musical You're a Good Man Charlie Brown April 15th at 7 PM and April 16th at 3 PM and 7 PM. (Adults $10, Students $8) What a great opportunity to see Charlie Brown and all the favorite Peanut characters brought to life by the talents of the students, teachers, and supporters of Pickens High School Theatre.  Come see the power of positive (portrayed by teenagers, note the irony) defeat the evil villain that is giving up, giving in and worst of all, Good Grief, not believing in yourself.
    Share this message with others, bring a friend, and bring a neighbor. Bring your grandkids, bring your grandparents, your mom and dad! Bring somebody who is having a really bad day. I am not saying Charlie Brown is guaranteed to make them happy, but it will show them how to get up and keep trying, time after time. He is after all a hero. The true Optimist Prime. Perseverance Primary.
    Captain 'if you want to get up and keep going, I'll show you how it's done' Charlie Brown. 

Show information:
Pickens High School
(New) Performing Arts
500 Dragon Drive
Jasper Ga 30143
Valerie Boehm, Director