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Up, up and away! Middle schoolers work with hot air balloons

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Christie Pool / Photo
Up, up and away - From left, Jack West, Preston Godfrey, Pickens Middle School  Teacher Tom Brooks and Isabella Crowe look on as their handmade  tissue paper hot air ballons take flight last week as part of an engineering and technology class.
    "The hot air balloon unit introduces students to lighter-than-air travel in a fun hands-on activity,” the teacher said. “Students learn the concept of buoyancy, while also using incorporating math concepts such as volume,

surface area, and estimation. Listening skills and following directions are important as well for a successful balloon flight. Everyone always enjoys seeing their own balloon rise off the launcher into the air."
    Students enjoyed the experience. “It was neat learning how to make a hot air ballon,” said sixth-grader Emma Gleason. “I didn’t think it would go as high as it did. It was great.”
    “We learned a lot,” said classmate Bella Crowe. “We learned that the size is important and it has to have a certain buoyancy. It was fun.”
    PCMS Assistant Principal Marla Callahan said, “Mr. Brooks is a great asset to our family at PCMS, and we look forward to new and exciting activities to promote science, engineering and math in the future to engage our students!"