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Georgians stand with native water protectors


 Alaskan Natives Canoe into Protectors Camp. Pickens resident Ben Jones of Whitestone Farm travelled to Standing Rock to protest construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. He has started a GoFundMe page, Portable Camp for Earth Protectors, to support the cause.


By Glen Law and Ben Jones

    A new war has emerged in the past years, one that so far has had corporate and governmental interest on one side and the Earth with all her living relatives on the other side. Pollution from oil spills, nuclear power plant meltdowns, and fracking have ruined the quality of lives for people around the globe and have permanently destroyed thriving ecosystems.

    We currently are witnessing a turning of the tide in Environmental awareness and action, Native American  Indians, have joined the movement in a powerful way. Through peaceful protection, prayer, and public awareness via social media they have halted the building of yet another leaky pipeline. Why is this so important? If someone wanted to dump corrosive, dirty oil into your well water, I’m sure you’d have something to say about it.ben-jones4 Also:
1.    The Bakkan tar sands are dirty and corrosive; they eat through the delivery pipe (cheap Chinese pipe that does not fit well in the first place) quickly resulting in leaks.
2.    Every treaty the US government has made with Indians since 1851 has been broken.
3.    Indians are guardians of their lands and the Earth, they understand natural resource management.
4.    Indians have been systematically marginalized since Europeans walked onto and took this continent from them.
5.    The Indian protectors have a unified peaceful voice and all historic inter-tribal feuds have been put to rest at the protection camps.
6.    The Standing Rock protest has been a peaceful action by the Indians in the face of Hired Mercenary Security who have used mace and dogs after the pipeline company knowingly and purposely bulldozed a sacred site with burial grounds, a site that was not even on the proposed route of the pipeline!
7.    This particular pipeline threatens the Lakota Aquifer which is less than two feet underground in some places and provides all fresh water for six states. A leak (inevitable) in this line would contaminate drinking water for millions as well as those in the twelve states that border the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.
    In April the Sacred Stone Prayer camp and Sicangu Oyate camp were set up in Cannonball, North Dakota on the Standing Rock Reservation of the Dakota peoples. The Dakotas also filed an injunction against the Army Corps of Engineers and the pipeline company to halt illegal construction of this pipeline, stating the Corps violated various laws, most importantly the Clean Air and Water Act, and never consulted the Indians, yet went on to approve the building of this pipeline through their watershed, and thus across the Missouri and Mississippi watersheds.
    On September 9th, 2016 a ND district judge ruled in favor of the Army Core. The camp of over 200 tribes of native peoples was highly upset, and began to strategize their next actions against this pipeline. By late that afternoon, the US Department of Justice stepped in and issued a statement halting construction of the pipeline within 20 miles on either side of the Cannonball River. War cries, drums, eagles, and a double rainbow filled the air and The water protectors realized that the peaceful fight must go on. So the prayer and protector camps are gearing up for winter as Dakota Access Co continues to deploy equipment.
    If you are inspired to make the world a better place for your grandchildren, please help by donating to our gofundme campaign, Portable Camp for Earth Protectors, Also check out the Sicangu Oyate Camp page on Facebook. This is just the beginning for many of these protectors, they are planning on going on to peacefully fight for all of the living relatives on Earth and indeed, the Earth herself. Mni Wiconi (MNee Wichohnee) Water IS Life!