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Cove Road paving continues today

    paving-old-cove 1219

Crews paving Old Cove Road North on Tuesday afternoon. They will move onto the S-Curves off Cove Road on Thursday.

    The City of Jasper is wrapping up a paving project that included several roads off of Cove Road, with the coup de gráce – Cove Road from Burnt Mountain Road to the S-curves – scheduled to be paved on Thursday, Sept. 29.
    One lane of Cove Road will be open during the S-curve paving, which will begin around 8 a.m., but motorists

should expect delays. Paving will begin at the top of the hill and go down to the bridge on one lane, then crews will return to the top of the hill to pave the second lane to the bridge. They will then pave from the bridge to Burnt Mountain Road, again keeping one lane open. City employee Lonnie Waters said paving crews have been working fast on other roads in that bid package, and while he can’t say for sure he expects the project to be finished around lunchtime.